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Consumer reports ranked the weber Genesis gas grills as the best even cooking and least flare-ups. @ $550 for the colored and @ $700 for the stainless steel s-320. Can't go wrong with a weber. The $1500 broilking came in about #5. I have looked at the tec's, broilmaster,broilking,napolian, jenn air,ducan,
and kenmores. I would still buy a weber.

the S-310 has no side burner, the S-320 does.
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To 'really' be helpful with an answer you kinda, sorta, oughta have a price range in mind. You can get inexpensive units with all those amenities for under $200 all the way up to $8000 plus.

I've used infrared only grills for 20 years, or more, and can't imagine anything else, but they're not "cheap" to buy. And cheap, or not, is a relative question...and yours to answer. And I don't think anybody here will judge you one way or another, but you ought to have a price range in mind because there are better and lesser $300 grill setups as well as better and lesser $3,000-5,000 setups.
Thanks to all so far.It's still atoss up,but I'm leaning towards a weber.Probably because of there reputation as quality made grills.Thanks Oakie as well,and you're right,I'll figure what's affordable for me. I'll give a report after my first batch of ribs(which I start in my model 55)Thanks again.
A lot of people around my area (incl myself) went with a Vermont Castings - absolutely no complaints; best grill I have ever owned.

Consumer reports is ok; but like any ranking magazine, they "churn" their results each year so they continue to sell magazines. Any of their top 5-10 grills will be really nice and do the job for you.
It's kind of a whole new era it seems. For example, I was at Home Depot this week RETURNING a KOHLER bathtub that had a manufacturing defect, standing in line next to another contractor returning two KOHLER toilet seats because the hinges were misaligned and different colors, ruminating on the MAYTAG washer and dryer set that my daughter just bought, after being sure that they weren't from the stock that had been made by SAMSUNG, while Maytag was being sold to WHIRLPOOL, and noticed a recall notice on the bulletin board on the wall for two gas WEBER grills. Absolutely true story.

The all caps on the manufacturers names are because they were always the ones that in the past you could just buy and know they were the best out there and going to serve you well for a long time.

Any more it just doesn't seem to be the way. Yes, I KNOW I'm getting old and this is 'old people talk' but it sure seems to be true!

So, do your homework, check the grills, see if there's a recall on your particular model that you're interested in, make sure it's well made and won't bend when you put the legs on it... and pray you made the right choice! (Grumble, grumble, moan, moan..)
BUMP: I wanted to retread this thread as I am in the market for a new propane grill. My budgetary constraint is $1000 MAX. I am leaning toward the Weber EP-310. Do I want to go with SS grates or porcelain coated cast iron? Also, I can order a vermont castings VC 3507 LP from a friend at wholesale (same price as EP-310 retail). Which would you go with in this situation?

My thoughts on a new grill: I do not need a side burner or rotisserie. Maybe this is bacause I have never had them in the past. I love experimenting with new cooking methods...should I get a grill that has these options? Would I take advantage of these features?

For the same price as these models, I can buy an import model which comes with the infrared rotisserie burner and motor. What are your suggestions, gang? I love supporting US workers and knowing that parts will be available several years down the road...that's why the weber is at the top of my list.

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