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I am a newbie in here and have seen the traeger wood pellet grill and another type on ebay. I mostly grill and have no experience in smoking.
I enjoy eating beef,pork,chicken ,steaks and usually grill for a family of 4. Iam not interested in a huge monster to smoke 10 butts.
Somewhere I read about actually cooking a pizza with pellets. This website makes me hungry. Any opinions from serious grillers and smokers would be greatly appreciated since this is my first post.
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I found this by doing some net searches. It was kind of hard to find.


California's largest manufacturer of Pellet Stoves(AC/DC battery back-up), Gas Stoves(AC/DC battery back-up),amd the NOMAD Pellet-Matic Grill(AC/DC battery back-up).

Full CLICKIT! listing with contact information.

Reliant Industries Inc.
333-3 Industrial Drive
Placerville,, Ca 95667
They quit making those grills at least 3 years ago. I'm not even sure Reliant's even in business anymore. Cheapest pellet grill you'll find anywhere. The top-of-the-line model is under $500 and it's stainless steel. It cranks up to 500+ degrees in no time. BUT, you've got to light the fire yourself and the hopper is very small -- holds about 1-2# pellets.
If you're in the Tulsa area...Spas N Such, 809 N. 16th, Broken Arrow (918) 258-7727. I have not called this store...found it on a google search. I found these grills in 2 other locations, one on the west coast and one in PA but can't find it tonight. Friend found one on e-bay and got it cheap. Good luck...they can be found.
I have four Traegers right now. I wish they had the FEC100 before I had spent the money and bought mone. Traeger does a good job and I like the way they cook, but it seems like the quality is not there. I would look at the FEC100 you might want to grow alittle more down the road. You will not need another smoker after the FEC100.


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