If you placed in the Top 10 of any KCBS or MIM sanctioned contest, post your wins on the Cookshack website's Winners' Circle and we will send you 20 lbs. of pellets at no charge. Click on the link for an easy-to-complete form telling us about your win.

Be sure to tell us what kind of pellets that you want.

We are proud of you!
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Originally posted by RandyE:
I guess this is for the 08 season??


Yes, it's for the 08 season.
Originally posted by TN PIT CREW:
Do you mean in a catagory, or overall???

Sorry, I did not make that clear. To receive pellets you must have won any one of these:

Grand Champion
Reserve Grand Champion
Top Ten Overall
First in any category

To have your win announced on our website, any award will qualify you, even a dessert.
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We won the Raffle Prize at Stillwater, but that probably doesn't count huh Wink


I like the idea donna. I'll look over the list from Stillwater, I think some of them might qualify and we certainly need to get the word out to everyone with an FE.
Smokin', I am soooooo sorry, I don't think the raffle prize was a result of your cooking skills. Big Grin

We'll just go ahead and get it ready to ship. Big Grin
Thanks Donna, that is more clear now. We all have something to shoot for and look forward to. Thanks for thinking of that. Good luck RandyE. we have a real big catering event the weekend of Nashville.
You are such a devil! Smiler Thank you for having such consideration for our pocketbook.
Originally posted by Candy Sue:
Thanks, Donna, but save Cookshack's freight dollars! I use Traeger pellets for mulch...

That's funny.

I've upped the ante. Send a photo of your win to d_johnson@cookshack.com and you get a free t-shirt or ball cap. Be sure to tell us which one you want.
Hi Donna, thats great news.
I just came in first in all three categories of Ribs, Smoked Pork leg and butterflied chicken in a KCBS sanctioned event with my new FEC-100..
KCBS stands for "Krazy Cookers Backyard Society" right?
I blew away the competition so a bag of Cherry pellets please.. Big Grin
Thanks Donna. This is a very nice thing for cook-shack to do. Our information and picture has been submitted. Are we limited to just one contest?
There is no limit on the number of times you can post your wins and be awarded pellets.
My wife and just returned from the Elk Grove Rotary RibFest 2008 in Elk Grove, IL (suburban Chicago) and brought home 7th in chicken, 4th in ribs, 1st in brisket and RGC! This was our second competition overall and second with our FEC-100!
The field was 37 teams and included at least three teams cooking on FECs (more, I think, but I didn't get to walk around much).
I think I was the only FEC user at the contest last weekend in Harrison, AR. Got 2nd in ribs and pork, 6th in chicken and 7th in brisket and RGC.

Thanks for the t-shirt! Still don't need pellets...
I am way behind on email. But! Congratulations on your win. Hope you've had a few more since then.
Donna, is this still valid? Last I checked, the Winners Circle isn't on the website any more. I received a bag of pellets, thank you, the first time I did it but nothing ever came the 2nd and 3rd time I entered information.

You might want to contact Becky. That post is almost 4 years old, so Becky should be able to help, she's in charge of marketing now.
Not a sanctioned event but I took first place in a local chili cookoff last Saturday with FEC no bean smoked brisket and Cookshack Chili Mix spice!
I had stopped sending in Winner's Circle entries because Cookshack stopped responding to them a couple of years ago.

As SmokinOkie pointed out, they have a new marketing manager in place now, and the program is once again up and running. I entered our 8 qualified contest results from this year, and I did get 8 bags of pellets and a few hats and shirts too.

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