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I am looking for a thermometer that will send the readings to my iPhone through the internet. Would like to monitor long smokes while at work and not be tied to the smoker all day which will allow me to smoke more often during the week.

I have read the reviews on Tappecue. Does anyone heave any experience with it or any other wifi capable thermometer?

I searched the forum and didn't see anything dealing with wifi...just wireless Bluetooth devices. Thanks in advance.
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I didn't know that this thing actually exists. Looks useful. I just love all this new cool stuff people invent every single day. I love new technologies and IT. And that's why I've decided to become a network engineer. I asked my brother (he's already an engineer) about what should I do, and he told me that the best way for me is to obtain a Cisco certification. He gave me a list of books to read and told me to try myself on this site when I'm done. Returning to the main topic: now I have the same question OP has - where to find a good one?

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I have used the Signals unit from Thermoworks and it works great.  Heck, I live in St. Petersburg FL and get info from a friends Signals unit down in Homestead FL which is four hours away.  Besides monitoring the smoker temp, you can monitor three pieces of meat also.  And Thermoworks has customer service as good as Cookshack!

I'm not the first here to mention it, but I love my Thermoworks "Signals" 4 channel system.  It comes with a chamber prob and 3 meat probes, but if you trust your cooker you can easily swap that for a fourth meat probe.  I didn't realize until I started using this how sometimes things didn't go a planned.  Signals monitors and records, so if you think you're stalled, just pull up the graph to see for how long.  My SM066 got blown over in a wind storm about 3 years ago and the door doesn't seal as well as it should.  Now I know but moving the chamber probe around I know by how much i need to adjust.  They go on sale from time to time, of when you first log in you'll be offered a discount.  Check 'em out.  (I'm not an employee or an investor.)  Copy and paste for their site.

Hint:  If you know you'll be using it, charge it up ahead of time as it is rechargeable, and I sometimes forget to charge it after use.

RonW - Aurora CO

Hello All, new to the Forum.

I have an FEC 120 and use a charcoal rotisserie to do whole chickens. I recently purchased Meater wireless thermometers and a caveat only used once because I am not always in the restaurants and need to do the tests myself. I've tested in both the charcoal rotisserie and FEC 120.

They seem to do the trick and can give some good data on how your smoker and the meat you are cooking are performing. They will tell you the ambient temp in the grill while giving you the temp of the meat as it cooks. Will also alert you as to the temp you set for your particular meat to be cooked to.

A drawback with the Meater in the FEC 120, since the smoker can get up to some high temps while coming up to temp, the probe sent an alert to remove because it got to hot. Crazily, it did not do that in charcoal rotisserie, considering it was rotating close to an open flame.

Hope this helps some

Rich Fray

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