We have a Cookshack model 250 smoker. Occasionally it won’t come up to temperature, as if half the circuit was off, however the breakers seem to be fine. We do find however that if we reset the breakers, pull the plug and re-plug and re-fire, it often will come up to temperature.

Just wondering if anyone has seen this problem or has any suggestions.

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Most commonly when I see an SM250 have trouble getting to temp and it is erratic it is caused from a door switch or limit switch malfunctioning.If you give us a call at Cookshack (800)423-0698 I would be happy to help trouble shoot the oven.
Thanks for the reply. I know you spent some time with Mason troubleshooting the unit.
We are still having some trouble so I wanted to provide some more information:

When the unit is on, and the heater coil is on, we draw over 16 16amps on one leg and over 9 amps on the other. When the coil is not on, the unit draws over 12 amps on one leg and less than 1 amp on the other.
The wiring in the back of the unit shows the one leg coming in and feeding the electronics and the second leg going straight to the heater coil. Does this all seem right? I’m not sure what could be drawing so much when the heater is off.

Bob Miller
Denver, Colorado

You need to call CS and talk with them. There's not really anyone in the forum who can troubleshoot a 250 series including me.

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