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Whole green branches with leaves and small twigs removed should be placed on top of a shed or similar (off the ground) in full sun for a full year before using.

The last peach wood I used wasn't all that mild to me. I used 1 oz. on 2 yardbirds and had a tad too much smoke.

Bark does not matter unless it has mold, lichen, mildew, algae, etc., then remove it.

I have used peach before with good results. I dry my wood by cutting/splitting the wood into small pieces and placing them in a brown grocery bag and then place it in the garage. Do not store wood in your house to include your basement or attic. I had some wood drying in my basement and the bugs came out of the wood and it took me two weeks to kill them all. I never take the bark off.
I have a 105 cookshack com smoker and I did 6 racks of ribs and used hickory,apple and a corn cob from sweet corn.. Is this a wise thing to do with a cookshack ????? Someone told me that corn cobs were used for smoke years ago ?
The ribs tasted great and had a good smoke ring.
Anybody ever use corn cobs ???
thanks for the info..I used it still wet but will use it dry from now on. there is a butcher here that has cob smoked bacon and that is yummy.I also have been using a mop sauce of vinagar,salt,red pepper flaks,and some brown sugar but it makes a mess and by having the door open that long lets the smoke out and increases the cook time so I'm going to try it without the mop next time.
You have a great cooker there,and if anything it cooks too moist.

Most folks wouldn't open the door at all,unless they were cooking full loads and trying to let moisture out.

Throw your nut and fruitwood in the cooker and let it alone for about 3 hrs +.

If you need to open and quickly check the ribs,you can always spray them -then.

Second,Smokin' Okie just reposted Ribs 101,which I believe he did on your smoker.

Next,go to the FIND at page top,input type of ribs,select all forums,and it will give you most of our collective wisdom.

After all this,which is a great rainy night read,we'll try to answer your few specific questions.

Have fun.

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