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Hi, new to smoking, new to forum, for the first five or six times I've used my smoker, set at 225 temp, the wood would smolder up through the vent , now it dosen't at all. I still get a smokey flavor in the food, the vent is not blocked. The wood chunk comes out slightly charred. It used to come out as ash. Any thoughts?
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It would be just thoughts...but I seem to be having some of the same things happening with my wood. I used 2 pieces of oak,hickory,and cherry on two PBs that I smoked last night. Normally the cherry is just a tad bit drier than the other two and burns to ashes very quickly. This time my wood was charred real good but not used up as usual, EVEN the cherry.

I just seem to think that it has to be something to do with the 3 weeks of 90% humidity that we have had here in our part of the country or maybe it could be it is drawing some moisture back in the wood.

I, like you have a good smoke flavor to the product, so oh well! It's just not worth the effort to dry it out more,IMO.
My 055 has a narrow wood tray that is about 12 inches long. Wood at the front never really turns to ash but I don't worry about it.

I usually shove the charred chunks to the back of the tray and put a new chunk or two up front. By the time a chunk works it way to the back of the tray, it usually has turned mostly to ash.

If your 'product' tastes ok, then you are all set.

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