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Well,Smokin' suggested Cookshack.

Local box stores can sell you a lifetime of hickory for $20.

Some sell bags of mesquite,if you do a lot of hot grilling.

You don't use much wood,CS usually offers four types-more than most folks will ever be able to tell apart.

Watch for holiday sales,where they give free shipping.

The quality is the same as the cooker and service.

Folks that are smart enought to do it,order the championship rubs and sauces in a usable volume,and get wood at the same time.

Shipping is free to negligible. Wink

Most folks find that alcohol casks are fun to smell cooking,but have no real effect on the cooked product.

After folks have been at it a couple years,and tried all the experiments,do the CS approach.

They do it as a service-not because they are in the accessories business.

Old cooks are willing to bet serious money,that 99 out of 100 folks can't tell what wood the meat was cooked on.

Just my $0.02

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