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after i did my prime rib yerterday i noticed that the wood was hardly burnt at all. had 4 chunks of wood i got from CS about golf ball size. they were black on about the bottom 1/4 . had the temp about 220 for 5.5 hr. had soaked them about 30 min. btw used hickory. is this normal? my unit (not CS) has a wood tray just above the burner(propane) I wouda thought after 5 hr all wood would be burnt
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Can't help you with a generic smoker like that.

I wouldn't soak the wood, not needed. That makes the wood smolder, not smoke and that's pretty much a old way of doing things.

You might check with your manufacturer. Sounds like it wasn't hot enought to smoke the wood (don't trust the therm if it's mounted on the smoker, those are very unreliable)

I used to have a Brinkman that used soaked wood chunks or chips. When using the chunks, laid directly next to the element, they would never burn completely up. They would smolder for hours and would have to reposition them frequently. Moved to the CS 009 and don't have to use as much wood, no soaking, no worries. Just great food.

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