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Either way accomplishes the same thing. Although, some think splitting the wood produces more smoke.

I think it does also, at least initially. If you have several pieces, same wood weight, they will burn more quickly and stop smoking earlier than one larger chunk. More pieces will counter one larger piece not smoking properly.
He's talking about taking the meat right out of the fridge and into the smoker without letting the meat warm up setting on the counter for awhile. The colder item forces the heating element to stay on longer in an effort to bring the smoker to temp. That'll help the wood burn creating more smoke.

You can add more wood during a longer smoke but after the meat reaches 140* the pores close up, and it won't take on any more smoke flavoring. Except the smoke will just build up on the outside of the meat.
It's contagious.

We've got some company coming over for a barbecue tonight, and we're grilling New York strip steaks. Gotta have something smoked so we're smoking Smokin's BBQ Beans with a little mustard and garlic added. I had some brisket left over so we threw a ton of it into the beans. This will be the best beans these folks have ever had.
A little note,about smoke.

We are kinda crossin' up our" oranges with our apples".

Like the good cooks above said,if you put it in the firebox,it will work.

We each have a different tolerance for smoke.

Todd,will be around smoke for 18 hrs,hard,and can be desensitized to aroma/taste.

The next day,after some rest/shower ,he may notice more smoke.

Take notes,and adjust next time.

Now the 140*,we might be talking about developing smokering,and/or maybe the meat absorbing some deeper smoke.

You can always "lay on more smoke",to the exterior-good,or very bad.

Stick burners may cook/finish butts in paper bags,or foil,to keep from oversmoking.

Many fine cooks,cook on charcoal,and add a small piece of wood at the appropriate time.

You are probably not going to get"deep smoke thru a brisket/butt".

Know your cooker,and your product.

Like Smokin'Okie always says,"add a little more each time,and write it down-there is no perfect formula".

Just a couple thoughts.

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