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here goes but this is based off on an fec but it should give you an idea and it is for a piece about your size and these are my run up notes
11.56am 2 hours at smoke setting (this was between
145-165 pit temp)
1.56pm 2 hours at 180 setting (this was between
185-215 pit temp)
3.56pm-8.45pm change to 225 setting (meat temp was
167, pit temp was 210-250)
8.45-8.56pm crutch and back in. reduced temp to
180 setting
4.37am meat temp was 188, pit was 180 and if i was slicing i would get it now and let it rest uncovered for slicing.
4.37am changed setting to 275 and uncructhced
5.54am hit 190 internal
hope this helped
Another question - in your notes you mention pit temp, the control on our electric smoker (the cook shack 55) only goes to 250 degrees. Should I ignore the pit temp and only watch the meat temp?

Also, toward the end you mentioned "uncructhced", what did you mean. We are unfamiliar with that term.

Thanks in advance for all your help.
no i dont brine but i do use a rub. as far as glaze goes try a little honey just barely thinned with apple juice and a bit of rum but i would finish that in a hot oven at around 400 for just about 15 mins or until the glaze sets and i dont think it would take that long
ps if you are going to do that i would recommend pulling the meat at around 165 degrees. 24 pounds will carry a lot of heat and that will make it continue to cook!!!
pps if push comes to shove and it goes over where you cant slice it with a knife heck just pull it. you will know you goofed but no one else will. tell them you saw bobby flay Razzer do it!!!
for temps i have a remote read maverick thermometer (matter of fact it was new christmas present 2 weeks ago and that is why my notes are so tight)
don't let the 275 vs 250 worry you all it means is that it will take a while longer and that is it.
when you crutch something all it means is to wrap in foil and then continue cooking. at that point is a nice time to add more flavors. reason for this is both the cs and sm and fec are so tight that you dont lose much moisture. mops and bastes were invented to prevent drying of the meat but in our units that isnt a problem. so i just use crutching for two reasons
1- to add flavor
2- at competitions to get some sleep while the stick burners are stumbling around Razzer
however i do get up at 4.00 am make coffee and at 5am turn my stereo way up and hit track one of good morning vietnam!!! sure wakes up the briskets and shoulders lol
ps my wife does not agree with this practice Confused
Howdy kamots,

You have a lot of directions to go,so I'd say keep it simple.

You don't say what cooker,so this is a guess.

You are really cooking fresh pork/sorta a shoulder.

We cook them at 225�,with hickory,wherever they set in the cooker.

About 175�-180� you can probably slice it nicely.

Now the "boss'" momma likes to be able to pull chunks,so we foil about 165�,add a cup of apple juice and take it on up to around 200�.

24 hrs wouldn't be unusual,but it is worth it.
the pit temp is what the temperature was inside the smoker. you can also stick a meat thermometer into the meat itself. just be sure to push it far enough in that the little sensor (looks like a small hole in the probe of mine) is covered in the meat and try not to touch the bone. That will give you the temperature of the meat itself. If you like your meat to pull apart cook it a little past what is recommended for well done. If you want to slice it, cook it a little under, maybe 5 degrees under the well-done temp., let it rest for about 30 min. before slicing. It will continue to cook. Then it gets more solid-like and easier to slice.
I hope that's some help.

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