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I did 2, 4 pounders yesterday.

Seasoned with wooster and montreal 24 hours ahead.

1400 hours-put in 250*F smoker with lots of dried garlic and rosemary leaves and an 8" dry corn cob. Meat temp 37*F, outside temp 55*F, clear, gusty wind from west.

1600 hours-meat temp 120*F, outside temp 50*F, cloudy, gusty west wind. Turned 008 off, opened door. Meat temp rose to 132*F. When it fell to 131*F, put in 500*F oven for 10 minutes, (helped the presentation), took out, sliced, served to inlaws, kids, wife.

1700 hours-Son and father in law loved it, son even ate the fat. (he is skinny anyhow) I thought it was a tad too smokey with a tad too much spice. It was still pretty much rare in the center. I am wondering if my probe is off a bit or I had it in a fat pocket. Overall out of 10 I would give it an 8.

I disagree corn cob makes mild smoke. It seemed stronger than white oak heart.

Happy new year everyone!
yeah GLH,

I did up a 3 bone rib roast and 1 slab of spares for my parents and myself. Man was that a good meal.

I tell you 1 thing. The stuff I made yesterday was 10 times better than the stuff I got at the restaurant New Years Eve.

Its looking like a PR sandwich for lunch!

I didnt get any pics either. Made at my place and hauled to parents house. Didnt feel like dragging thae camera around.
A little late on this. I did this sirloin tip roast (4.7 lb) on NY's day in the 055. Cook temp of 225, removed at internal temp of 120. Rubbed with Rosemary/garlic mix, montreal steak, and granulated garlic. Put some Rosemary/garlic in the wood box with 2oz Apple and 2oz Hickory.

Taste was superb. A little tough but we like it rare and it's not going to be tender at that temp.

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