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I have been having trouble getting good results (juicy and tender) with packer briskets. I think maybe because I have just found select grade. So yesterday, we had a 13 lb bottom round (choice grade) from Sam's.

It was wonderful, tender and juicy. 22 hours at 225f with a 9.5 lb butt dripping over it to add flavor. Apple and hickory wood filled the fire box. Pulled it at 188f internal. Cooked time was 2 hours less than the huge butt (same internal temp) Both are great!! Eeker

Not to change the subject of my own post but...

The Cookshack Brisket Rub (for the Bottom Round) and Cookshack Rib Rub (for the Butt) are great.

Thanks again Cookshack and all the forum
members. Smiler

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Sounds like a good result. Now you know you can make good BBQ.

Don't give up on the packercut brisket- it is hard to make one that comes out bad if you let it go through the plateau and then wait until it is done.

If you are new to the CS, it might be better to do a few pork butts, and, keep good notes on them.

I have had problems with brisket "flats", but, not with the full packer cuts. I would try to start with a smaller hunk of brisket (7-9#) as they may be from a younger animal (and hopefully more tender then the huge briskets that you see filling the meat cases at Sam's and such.

The main thing is to keep on trying.
Thanks for the kind words Bobby Que and Wheelz. I have been using my ST for a couple of months and trying to wear it out. Everyting has been great. Using a remote therm and keeping the door closed. Just glad to get some good beef que.

This is kinda addicting Smiler

I'm gonna get some good brisket some day but for now, the wifes happy.


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