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If you have been waiting, you have only three days left to exercise your right to vote. What are you waiting for. Election profiles are online when you vote.

To vote you will need two pieces of information:
Your "Username" and Your "Password"

Your Username is your KCBS Membership Number
This number can be found on the address label of your Bullsheet
(Judges, this is not your CBJ number)

Your Password is your last name in all CAPITAL letters.


For John Doe his KCBS Membership Number is 123456

So for John to login, he would type 123456 for his Username and DOE for his password and then click "Login" as shown below.

If you are having trouble with your login and have given KCBS your email, you can get your Login information by email.

If you need more help getting logged-in, email: VOTE@KCBS.US

Logon to elections on line:
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