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I had the same question, thought about it for a couple of weeks, read and re-read information, compared sizes, read the forums and decided on the 50. Same size etc. of the 55 but less SS so not as expensive.

I have zero experience with CS smookers but loads with the fire tending, water sloshing bullets and decided on the 50.
Since this is my first time with a CS I based my decision on less cost for approximatley the same size and I do not belive the extra bells where worth the difference in price. I guess delivery was a factor too. The extra size is attractive though.

I was able to purcase the 50, add a cover, extra fish racks, and receive free shipping for less than a grand. Not only that, it will be here Monday or Tuesday!

Good luck with whichever you choose
I was planning on a less expensive cookshack but my wife convinced me to spend a bit more for the temp probe feature of the Amerique. IMO, I wouldn't buy a model w/o the probe. You will produce great 'que w/o any significant effort.

Friday I brought lunch for 20+ folks at work. I put 4 butts in my Amerique the day before, set the temp. and had perfect que the next morning. No checking, no timing the butts required. When I got up yesterday morning they were already done and holding. My wife brought them to me 6 hours later. The rave reviews are still coming in.


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