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I decided to take the little women out for an early dinner to McCormick and Schmick"s. They have a Happy Hour where their delicious $10 1/2 lb hamburgers and fries are discounted to $2.95. My wife's been working her tail off on fiscal year end budget and had a taste for hamburger (I retired early so I figured I was being smart by keeping her happy Cool).

While ordering, the waitress convinced me to try the pulled pork sliders (3 with fries $1.95 also a happy hour special). Now I love pulled pork sandwiches, but have stopped ordering them at restaurants ever since I bought my Cookshack smoker. So I figure, "What the heck!" I'll give it a try. First mistake of the night. They were dry, so I did what you'd expect. I added copious amounts of barbecue sauce. This is not an enditement on McCormick and Schmidt's. Their food is normally very good.

Dinner did improve. The waitress suggested we try a beer called "Stella" as in the movie, A Street Car Named Desire. STELLA. STELLA. Gave us a sample. It was very good. High end pilsner I would guess. We drank one each and split a second. I've got to recommend this one to my friend Bernie, a die hard Budweiser fan.

The whole night wasn't going to be a loss cause I'd get to drive my new 3 week old crossover SUV home, which I thoroughly enjoy. Got out to the car, and someone had sideswiped it. Both driver's side doors with significant damage. No information. No note. Hit and run. Now I know it'll look like new in a week, but I'm stuck with the $1,000 deductible.

I remained fairly calm, but suddenly felt like punching somebody out. Not just the car, but for the bad pulled pork sandwiches too. Frowner
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I grew up in a VERY small town, one that by the time the story got back around to you or dad, it had changed....something like...Pags went to eat a slider and got mad that it was NO good so he drunk too much and ended up running the new SUV into a ditch and buggering up the whole side on a tree. LOL!.. it was tuff growing up where I did,ya know!

Sorry to hear about the poor Que!
Pags - Sorry to hear about your evening. Sometimes it's best just to stay home. Unfortunately, you never know that until after the fact.

I long ago gave up ordering pulled pork at restaurants. With a lot of input from this forum I reached the point of achieving what my family, friends, and I consider as perfect pulled pork. Anytime that I've ordered it at a restaurant, I've always been disappointed.

Like MaxQue said, the beer you're referring to was probably Stella Artois. It's a Belgium Pilsner, which, I believe, is imported and distributed in the U.S. by Anheuser Busch (Now AB InBev).

Really sorry about your new SUV. Your story reminded me of a time a few years ago when my wife and I went to dinner at a restaurant in Chicago. It was a nice summer evening and I decided to drive my new toy, a 4 month old very high performance sports car. Street parking was at a premium in the area, but I knew they had valet parking. Upon arrival, I pulled in front of the restaurant, gave the attendant $20, and asked to leave the car in front. No problem, but I had to leave the keys with him. Midway through a pre-dinner drink I heard tires screeching and a loud engine roar that sounded familiar. Looking out the window, I saw my car returning to (sliding into) the spot I had originally parked in. The driver’s door opened and out came one of the parking attendants carrying a large bag from MacDonald’s. Apparently, he decided to use my car to pick up dinner for the parking crew. Oddly, I didn’t go ballistic, but I did confront the restaurant manager about the matter. After apologizing profusely, he stepped outside to speak with the attendants. Shortly afterwards he returned to inform me that he had fired all of the parking attendants on the spot, and gave me my keys. In the end, everything turned out well. The car wasn’t damaged, and the restaurant comped us for a fairly expensive dinner.
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Thanks for the nice words guys. The Stella Artois was very good, very clean and crisp.

Thanks for letting me vent. The car was one thing, but the bad pulled pork sandwiches were just too much. Big Grin We did have their Calamari, and it was delicious.

dls. Glad to hear your sport's car wasn't damaged. I'm calling McCormick and Schmick's to see if they have surveillance cameras. If not, maybe they'll feel sorry for me and comp a dinner. Smiler

Cal. That's funny stuff.
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Pags, sorry to here about your run of bad luck. I have the same kind of luck. I just figure it is better to have a bit of bad luck here and there, rather than have it all at once.

If this was at the Fountains, you might want to check their security as well. You never know, maybe someone reported the car plate to them or they have cameras pointed that way. Good luck.
No cameras. Talked to McCormick and Schmick's in person. Called security. Called The Fountains' management. Nothing. Car's getting fixed. Time to move on. Things could always have been worse.

Fixed the bad Q problem though. Smoked a couple Porterhouses today and finished them on the grill. Worcestershire and Canadian Steak Seasoning. Oak. Excellent. Smiler
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