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In looking through the old threads I saw the suggestion of stuffing a pork loin with sausage. It sounds great. The recommendation was to par boil and freeze the sausage so you can stuff it into the loin, then cook to 140* internal. I will be doing it in a Smokette. Here's the "dumb" question. If the center of the meat is frozen sausage, where do you place the probe so you get a correct 140* internal.

Can somebody please help this poor unfortunate?

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I don't know where the thread is,but we have done a bunch of them.

The freezing may have been to force the sausage through a small tunnel through the loin.

If that is your choice,i.e. with chorizo ,or andouille,you can freeze it ,stuff it and let it thaw.

My suggestion would be to butterfly the loin and pound it flat ,to maybe 1/2 inch.

Saute' your sausage ,with whatever other ingredients you wish to include ,and chill it.

Fill the loin with the sausage mixture and tie every couple of inches.

Put your probe in the sausage mix and cook to no more than 140� internal.

Hope this helps a little.

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