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Dying to make ABTs in the AQ. I've made stuffed jalapenos in the oven once before, they were awesome and gobbled up within minutes. I recall the pain of slicing and cleaning 20 peppers, then smearing the stuffing and figure there must be an easier way. Now I see that keeping the peppers whole (not sliced) is the preferred method, so how to you core/clean out the peppers? Is there an easier method to stuff them, like a jerky gun or even a cookie press? Smiler
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I just use a small sharp paring knife with a thin blade to core them. I slice off the stem end at the shoulder, then cut down into the pepper all around to separate the seeds from the walls.

Depending on what I'm stuffing them with, I may simply insert little bits into the peppers, like slivers of nuts, meat, or cheese, or fill a plastic bag with a creamy filling, cut off the corner, and use it like a pastry bag. Often I use both techniques.

I haven't tried smoking ABT's in my Amerique. But it sounds like a good idea. If bacon wrapped, I wonder if it'll crisp up some? If that was a problem, they could always be crisped up on the grill after smoking.

I believe I saw ABT's mentioned a time or two in the Favorite Recipes section.
The vegetable peeler we have has a sharp end, so we just scoup out the middles with that.

The key is that the veins have the heat so take out as much or as little as you want.

We'll also slice them in 1/2, fill with cheese and wrap in bacon then lay them down and get twice as many that way. Make SURE to not cut off the tops otherwise when you cut them in half, you'll have an open end and to goop to leak out.

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