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Here's a good general rub you can use on beef, lamb, pork, chicken or fish. I got it from Paul Kirk's book, and it's his all purpose Master Class Barbecue Rub:

1 cup cane sugar
1/4 cup seasoned salt
1/4 cup garlic salt
1/4 cup celery salt
1/4 cup onion salt
1/2 cup paprika
3 Tbs chili powder
2 Tbs black pepper
1 Tbs lemon pepper
2 tsp ground sage
1 tsp dry mustard powder
1/2 tsp ground thyme
1/2 tsp cayenne

I used to make it all the time until I started to target my rubs towards the type of meat I'm preparing--some homemade, some store/online bought.
Once upon a time I was fanatical about making my own rubs. Having tried a number of commercial rubs, I find a few of 'em to be better than my own concoctions. Feel free to PM me for my top 5 list.

Have you tried Turbinado or Cane sugar in your rub? Another option is to dial back the amount of brown sugar you're using now.

What do you cook most? I tend to use sweeter rubs with ribs and pork butts; saltier rubs with briskets (who shakes sugar on a grilled steak? Smiler)
Originally posted by MaxQue:
.. Feel free to PM me for my top 5 list.

Now Max, don't hold out on us on your top 5...

I'm with you on sweeter on pork but I think pork likes salt also. Beef I like simple, salt/pepper/montreal type stuff.

Chicken, haven't found anything I LOVE.

Actually we have a thread talking about commercial rubs, over in the "best of forum" threads:

Bruce, the book Pags mentioned is a GREAT resource for you to get/learn about rubs. It will teach you all you need to get you started.

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