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Hello, I currently have an Americue and do my grilling on a weber charcoal grill. Wanting to add a little convenience, mostly for grilling. Just started looking at pellet grills. Locally Louisiana and Traeger are available, but already owning a cookshack steers me in that direction. Other forums really talk up the MAK grills, I am not familiar with them. Any comments would be appreciated. Jimmy D.
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I have no experience regarding the performance of a MAK, but Traeger owners tell me that high heat output is NOT one of their best qualities. Having owned a PG1000 for some years, I can assure you that you will never lack for blistering high temperatures should you desire them. I'm entirely satisfied with the PG1000 in the searing and grilling department, as well as for smoking. Good luck in your search.
I'm with DDB, it's hard to beat the PG grills for grilling, with that said, they do have a limited space available. If your cooking for up to 6-8 folks you'll be fine.

Since you have the AmeriQ you'll not be concerned about holding low temps in the summer for smoking, something that the PG1000 has some problems with, but an excellent grill.

I have the PG500, you tend to burn through a few more pellets in the cold weather with them, since they don't have the insulation that the 1000's have.

If your needing more grilling room then the FEPG's have, I'd consider the Yoder over any of the other grills on the market(high heat capable), but that's just me.

I love my PG500 and wouldn't trade it for any other grill, just perfect size for the two of us and I don't grill much in the dead of the winter.
I have been using a Cookshack SM025 and a Weber gas grill. After enjoying many smoke meals on the 025 and starting to pay a little bit more attention to the food I was making I began to realize the gas grill doesn't really do that much for chicken and steaks.

I ordered a PG500 last week to compliment the 025. For long and cold weather smokes I plan to use the 025. For grilling and maybe some shorter smokes like ribs I could use the PG500. Although I have ribs down pat on the 025.

I have had a PG1000 for two years now. Last week I gave away my Weber 3 burner gas grill. I hadn't used it once since I got the PG. (I had the Weber for 18 years and it works perfectly). I was afraid that there wouldn't be enough space on the PG but it's not been an issue. Despite initial seperation anxiety, I found a good home for the Weber & have no regrets. The PG1000 is a grilling machine! With a CS 30 day no question return policy, (not sure any other vendors offer that), I'd recommend trying one without reservation!
Several years ago I had an Cookshack electric and wanted to move to pellets. At that time Cookshack did not have a pellet grill so I did a lot of research and ultimately bought an Louisiana grill.

I hated it as I had NOTHING but problems with it I worked with the factory over and over attempting to get it to work properly but never to my satisfaction. Ultimately I sold it and my electric and bought an FEC100 which I love.

I still want a pellet grill and will purchase an PG1000 as soon as I'm able to sell my FEC100 which is currently being advertized in multiple locations.
I love my PG500. I have had no problems and have owned it for almost 2 years. I grill and smoke on it at least 3 to 4 times a week. It even functions as an oven. Almost every oven recipe converts nicely to the offset side. I bake chicken all the time at 375 degrees. It will be the best home chicken you have ever tasted. With super crispy skin and just a nice amount of smoke.

Steaks? Forget about it! You will never order a steak from a restaurant again.

I smoke my ribs in the PG500 even though I have a SM025 and a SM150.

I have smoked pork butts. I loved the results but didn't love the 15-17 pounds of pellets I used to get there. It was a 14 hour smoke. So now I do those only in the electrics.

You can see I am a big fan of the PG500. My dad bought one after he tasted the food out of mine.
The shelf attachment is only worthwhile if you need the space...sounds obvious I know, but it depends on your set up. Where I keep my PG500, I have a table I can use, so I have no need for the shelf. If you're hauling it around, it might be very convenient.

Depending on how much ribs you cook, the rib rack could be a good add-on. I can't get more than 3 slabs of baby backs to lie flat in Zone 4...
The PG 1000 has plenty of shelf space on the sides. There's a ton of info on pellets in the wood section. COOKSHACK sells their own brand which are good. I've used about 10 different brands all with acceptable results. It's really a personal preference. If you have a local source, they will probably be cheaper than shipped unless you buy bulk freight (any pellet cooking friends?). The PG 500 uses a lot more pellets than the PG 1000. You can compare specs on the CS web site. More places like Cabela's & Academy Sports are selling them. I don't compete (understandably, they want/need total consistency) so I use the cheapest ones I can find.
I've had a FEPG500 for a year or so, it does a great job on everything I've thrown at it. I would invest in a amazin pellet cooker and be prepared to use it to get the same amount of smoke the electric smoker can produce. I still use my SM025 when its cold and for long cooks when I don't want to use up a lot of pellets. If you have a big family, be prepared to shuffle your burgers on and off the high heat area - I don't think you could fit more than 5 or 6 on there at once. As far as pellet brands, I've had the best luck with BBQers delight, the ones that Academy carries, and "CookinPellets".

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