I am a new AQ owner and just tried my first probe cook. I follow directions to set temp, then when I try to set probe, it idicates OFF.
The when I hold the temp button again, the temp shows then when I hit START, it shows OFF!!

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Now, it appears that the unit may have rest itself, as I not only tuen it off, but unplugged electrical and probe and then started all over. NOW, after I set Probe temp then it START, it only indicates TEMP, TIME, and "No Probe"

Wonder if the probe is bad, or the unit is?
Cookshack tech support does not monitor these boards so best to call them first thing on Monday morning. They will get it straightened out.
My probe was intermittent, turned out to be a loose wire. Called Cookshack and they mailed a new one out that day.
Just another thought, I have found if the meat temp is below 40*, my Amerique will also register "no probe" when I first start the smoke, but once the meat temp rises above 40*, then the probe temp registers and everything cooks just fine. So just set the probe temp to what you want, turn the unit on, ignore that "no probe" message, and after a while come back later when things have warmed-up to check all is well & that smoke is coming out of vents (but "Keep The Door Closed"!!). Being patient is truly something one must learn to really enjoy this pastime....

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