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Thanks, but you didn't post everything you did, that's why we're asking.

What smoker?

How did you know when to pull it, by temp or time?

what temp did you pull it at (and if so have you verified that temp probe is accurate)

What grade was it (select will usually be drier because of less fat)

When you wrapped it in foil, did you add any liquid?

My guess since I don't have all the info is it was select and you overcooked it.
8lbs is pretty small for a packer. And cooking for 9 hours, I'd say you probably overcooked it as well. The more you cook, you'll learn that time is just a guideline, you'll usually want to go by temperature first and then when it gets close to your final temp, probe it to see if it's done.

Take a skewer and run it top to bottom through the flat, when it slides through like butter, your brisket is done.

At that point, you'll want to take it out, foil it and let it rest for at least a half hour.

You may want to check out Brisket 101 at the top of this forum. Has lots of good info.
jbi00799, I go by the rule of thumb that if it's tough and dry it's undercooked and if it's tender/mushy and dry it's over cooked.

Now as to why, I think that foiling it for 6 hours at 300 killed it. At a comp I'll cook an 8 pound flat about 1.5 inches thick for 8 hours around 200 degrees and then it goes in foil for roughly another 2 hours at 250. Mine cooks for about the same amount of time but at a much lower temp and with less time in foil.

People keep asking what temp you pulled it and this is key. Next time pull it around 200 degrees and let it rest for 3+ hours. It should be quite a bit better. Now, you will more than likely still need to dial it in but you should be much closer to where you want it to be.

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