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Thank's Don,

I just wondered 'cuz I live in Kansas City, Ks. and it can get darn right cold here during the winter and I would most likely keep it on the front porch which is on the north side of the house. I would be real disapointed if I could'nt "Q" during the winter.

Thank's Again

Originally posted by Michael Macdonald:
Another interesting point besides temperature is moister levels living in western Canada it gets real cold and my 55 is flawless but I love the look of the AmeriQue with it's bigger racks and the hold temp.

I bet it goes lower than 20 f no problem but what about it being left outside what happens to the fancy electronics?

The AmeriQue is UL listed, and it had go thru some rigourous moisture conditions to pass. In the past, they have simulated driving rain from 360 degrees for 2 hours ... I don't know if that is still what they do but I will try to find out. I know that you will place it in a protected environment, because no one would pay $1,495 for a smoker and leave it out in the elements so I don't think you have anything to worry about. We will have covers soon, and you can pick up one of those as well.

And smokemullet, I gotta luv ya! Big Grin
We haven't actually had these residential smokers with electronic controls around long enough to have field data. We have used the very best electronics that we can find, while keeping it affordable. Our supplier tells us that the controller will work properly down to
-20F, and UL has subjected it to driving rain conditions, which it passed.

I think common sense would dictate that the electronic controls should be protected from precipitation. I would recommend keeping it on the porch, with something covering at least the top of it.

Donna, who needs to find out when those covers will be in as her AmeriQue is sitting out on the deck under the eaves, with Oklahoma poised for thunderboomer season
I have a CS with the LCD pad and probe which I assume will be similar to the Amerique electronics. The quality and durability should not be an issue. The outside temperature may be an issue when you first turn it on. If it is near or below freezing, the control pad on my 250 will not work. It must be heated up to get the first setting but after that the heat of the unit keeps it plenty warm. There are no problems with any of the cooking functions once the original settings are made.
In the winter here in Missouri, I have to build a fire in the shed stove to warm up the controller or use a hair dryer for a few minutes to thaw it out then I am set to go.

Cookshack's commercial units, of which the SM250 is one, are usually placed in restaurant kitchens, so we don't expect them to have to stand up to extreme cold. Otherwise we would have a more cold-resistant controller on them. But it's working for you, so let's don't fix it! Smiler

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