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Moisture in digital screen. I can read the numbers fine. It does get cloudy as I cook. Is this normal?
The door is not completely sealed. It leaks smoke in 2 areas. It makes a mess on the front door. Not a bad mess, but it has a decent amount to be concerned. Areas that leak are by the upper lt hinge and lower latch area. This is not a major problem but dont want it to get worse. That is the digital screen issue im speaking of. Im sure the door issue wont get worse.
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First the leaks tighten up with a few cooks.

Second,compared to any other smoker,these don't leak at all.

They aren't supposed to be a refrigerator.

A little moisture won't hurt.

If I keep my covers on,in high humidity/heat they will cloud over completely,until they have been un covered awhile.

I have even had to give it a blast with a hairdryer,to get it to read ,right away.
Originally posted by Bacchus2b:

I have had my Amerique for almost a year. My front door also leaked but has self-sealed with use.

My display also gets a little cloudy when it is humid outside, but it has not caused any problems yet.

Have fun and enjoy!

Me too. Exactly the same story on my AQ 066. Boss10man - your smoker will work in a downpour. It is UL rated (no small feat). A bit of moisture in the display won't hurt anything. Don't add any more stress into the process than you need to. You bought the best. If you want perfection, think about that perfect brisket your machine will cook for you every time.
The way the door is made, it is forgiving. The latches squeeze the door to the ridgid body. I repair conventional frames on vehicles and section unitized frames. Different gauge metal and different shaped metal create that effect. Most of the new parts do not fit. They have to heated and cooled to a certain temp to reach your dimensions. A door is a piece cake. Already fixed mine useing small amount off heat and shrank it with cold water. Top hinge was a little less than 1mm forward which is about a dime.

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