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Hey all,

I originally ordered the Amerique and the wait is about 2-3 weeks. Since the time I have ordered, I have begun to have doubts as to this being the right cooker for me...I could use some thoughts from anyone who has experience with both models (or at least another CS model and the FEC100)..

1) I do NOT cater, nor will I be selling any que - when I do cook, it might be for 2 people or 15 people - I also like to cook numerous butts and briskets at one time (I vaccum seal them and freez)
2) I like to cook my Chicken and turkeys at a higher temp (300-325).
3) Finished product - from everything I have heard on this forum and also at the BBQ forum, the FEC can and does put out serious que - dare I say, more stick burner like que, without the mess and hassle of tending the fire? Everything I see about a CS smoker (Amerique, smokette, etc) says the que is very good, but different - I like my smoke to be heavy at times, other times, lighter. I WANT a smoke ring as well...I am used to it and after years of cooking, I expect it on my que.....I guess I am afraid of the CS cookers to be more like roasted meat, then this accurate?

If the FEC100 is a better fit for me, then by all means I will change my order (it would be overkill for sure, but so was my last pitts and spitts log burner that I just sold!)...or maybe I am just second guessing myself before I even have the Amerique?? Thanks for any comments and or thoughts. I appreciate it!

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We'll now,that's a passle of thoughts there.

We cook on FEC s for comp,and I've cooked on others at home.

I'd cook comp on my CS160,if they'd let me.

You can cook a passle of meat on either,and be quality .

I can put more smoke on product in my traditional cookshacks,than on my FEC-which is also adequate.

You can get smokering on traditional CS by adding a couple of Kingsford briquettes to the firebox.

The Amerique should be adequate for the temps you cook poultry,as well.

Now if you do buscuits,pizza,etc a bunch-the FEC can do it.

If you wish to cold smoke,do jerky,sausage,etc ,as well as the full range of bbq-than the traditional CS might suit you better.

Roasted,not smoked is highly inaccurate.

The traditional,is a very moist cooker and needs even less attention than the FEC.

It also uses amazingly little wood,when you have been used to a stickburner.

Hope this helps a little.

Thank you for the information and thoughts. That is exactly what I was looking for. I like to do jerky and want to try sausage - I cannot see myself doing biscuits and pizza, etc. Sounds like I can get plenty of smoke with the Amerique...hmmm...looks like I made the right decision the first time! I will stick with the amerique purchase...thanks again!


I have owned a couple stick burners, a few water smokers and a Cookshack 55. I now own an AmeriQue and a ceramic dome BBQ. The ceramic Grill Dome renders more of a BBQ/roast flavor and the Cookshacks give a better smoke flavor. In fact you can put enough wood in either a CS55 or AmeriQue to make the product bitter - amounts of wood are measured in ounces not pieces.

I find there is a better latitude of control for both the temperature and the smoke with the traditional Cookshack 55 or AmeriQue than any other smoker/bbq system I have owned in the past.

As for the FEC - I have no experience, but the size of the AmeriQue works best for four packer briskets or 32 St. Louis ribs (using the rib racks) over any other equal size smoker. The electronic temperature/thermometer controls of the AmeriQue, makes a cooking just where you put the product in and then take it out when it is done to your specifications - moist and smoky. I never open a door of the CS55 or AmeriQue until the thermometer probe signals the temperature set at the beginning of a smoke.

Smoking ribs is an exception and may require checking after three hours for pull away down the bone. However! My last smoking of ribs were set for four hours and they were perfect when I removed them - pull away from the bone and not requiring bite away from the bone. Everyone to their own taste. Back to your question, the AmeriQue will do everything you mentioned and for the price it was the AmeriQue for us.


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