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I purchased an Amerique from The West Coast Store, which delivered on Friday. I had an erratic probe indicator reading when I tried to use the unit. I spoke with Tony of Cookshack this morning. In checking the wiring connection, we located a wire that was inadvertently touching one of the plug-in connector holders. In moving the wire, the probe now apperars to work as advertised. My thanks to Tony.

My forum question involves a discussion with The West Coast Store. He advised me the probe is best used for meats, such as prime rib where you want to avoid overcooking the meat. He indicated that pulled pork and brisket were not good candidates for probe cooking. He seemed to indicate that the probe would reach the set temp and take the unit to hold before the meat was really ready and that timed cooking would be a good idea. I expressed puzzlement and some disagreement. I did not see where setting the probe to a desired internal temp was different than cooking with a thermometer and pulling the meat when desired temp was reached except for the convenience and avoidance of overcooking that probe afforded. He seemed to indicate you wouldn't reach the desired cooking results based on his experiences with smoking these type meats.

I must be missing something. Can someone help me understand the why of his recommendations?

By the way, the Amerique I received has two locking handles, similar to FEC100, while the picture shows one handle in middle of the door.

Thanks in advance,
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Well,I've not cooked on an Amerique yet,and not an expert on butts/briskets.

Seems to me like they would be the last things to cook by time.

I guess restaurant cooks ,that cook the same product a lot,give a good guess as to the time meats generally come tender.

I'd think they were more likely to cook to a certain internal temp.

You might ask him just what his experience is. Wink

The owners manual is pretty spartan and really only addresses how to set the unit for cooking modes. In all fairness to The West Coast Store, I think I had better forward him my questions again to see if we are on the same page. He was trying to be helpful, and maybe I just misunderstood what he was trying to communicate. Then if I'm still scratching my head, I can check with Cookshack. Thanks to all.

Hi Will,

I have an Amerique, and have cooked a lot of butts and briskets in it using the probe.

Amerique set to 225 probe set to 195.
When smoking a mixed load or multipul briskets I use the built in probe plus other meat thermomitors.

I have had one brisket done at 5:30 am and the other two come at 8:00 am.from the same load
The placement of the probe is important.
Each piece of meat is differnt.
It's done when it's done.
Pork Butts are less critical then brisket.
If you are cooking using a couple racks, take them out as they finish double wrap in foil and put into a ice chest without ice they will stay hot for hours.

Happy smokin,
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When in doubt: Ask the forum, not a Salesman.

Don't know anything about him, his experience, maybe he's used one and it works for him.

For me, brisket by time is the LAST thing I would recommend. Really goes away from how we've talked all these years, that there are many variations in meat and a set time just won't work.

Tell him, if he really wants to talk Q, that he should join the forum (if he hasn't) and point people here to questions.

But that's just me Big Grin

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