Just moved up from an 009 to an Amerique! When seasoning the smoker, I came up with 2 questions.

1. When the smoker is close to the set temp, I hear some clicking that sounds like an electrical relay. Is this normal?

2. The wood box is partioned so that the wood chunks can only be placed within a portion of the woodbox. Should the wood compartment be closest to the door or back wall? The smoker door will close in either position. I'm thinking the wood should be toward the front. Does it matter?


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Hi Andy,

You did the same upgrade as I did except I went from an 008 to Amerique. Good move.

You are correct in assuming the clicking sound is an electrical relay. That is cycling the heating element off and on which accounts for such a small temp swing compared to your 009. This is totally normal.

You are also correct in assuming the wood cavity should be located at the front because the loop of the heating element is the hottest point and will create the most efficient burn for the wood.

Happy queing,


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