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It worked fine for ~4 years.  I recently moved.  Made sure the movers were careful.  I also removed the control unit before moving and packed it separately.  I went to use it tonight and it will not turn on at all - totally dead.  I opened the control unit and made sure both connectors are snapped in correctly.  Appreciate any suggestions. 

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I have to agree with the two answers already posted. These smokers are next to bullet proof. I have beaten my AmeriQue half to death bouncing it around in the back of my truck and/or trailer and never had an issue with it not working.

Give Tech Support a call they are absolutely amazing at how responsive and knowledgeable they are

Appreciate everyone's responses.  My Amerique has been rock solid up until now.  Early on I had an issue with it tripping the GFCI outlet ... and I had electrician put in a dedicated outlet and it worked flawless.  The move should not have been hard as I had it wrapped (nothing else damaged) and I packed the control unit separately.  Every appliance i can carry outside and plug in the same outlet works (outdoor lights, vacuum cleaner, music, etc).  But the Amerique is totally dead.  When I had my earlier issues with outlet, it would at least light up, click a few times before tripping the GFCI.  I called customer support (always helpful) and they suggested I remove the back panel and ensure all wires are attached.  CS said if all wires are attached (which is the case), I will need to attach a volt meter.  I don't mind purchasing a volt meter and having them walk me through what/how to test ... but I suspect I will quickly get to point that exceeds by electrical knowledge (which is none) and i already plugged in variety of things into the same outlet and all work.

I think my next step is to have an electrician come out who can be on the phone with customer support while testing so I'm not in the middle of this.  It's unfortunate as I retired my Green Egg before the move and now the Amerique is dead at moment.  I do have a Yoder Wichita side smoker ... it's more work on long smokes but nothing can take it down.  Thanks again for the responses - great community forum and I will figure out how the get the Amerique back in action.

It's really unfortunate you are at this cross road.  I believe your issue has a really  simple solution and I'd really hate for you to have to spend a bundle of cash just because you don't think you have the knowledge and/or the expertise to getterdone.  I'm a retired electrician and believe me the job is a lot easier than you think. Don't get me wrong there are certain safety precautions you must adhere to, but anyone can do it.  I once installed a service entrance in a new home and talked the homeowner through wiring the entire home on her own. Only one issue when the power was turned on, and it was a broken wire not her fault.

I have to believe your issue is related to your taking the control unit out. Why did you do that anyway? Too bad there isn't a way to PM each other I think I'd enjoy talking you through this.

It is sad that much of the old reliable forum format went away when a new provider was selected.  I agree that a PM would  likely work and get the unit up and running. Quick question Arnie since you are an electrician:  I purchased an Amprobe AMP-320 for use around the house.  Sort of a multitasker since it is both a clamp meter and dmm.  What are your thoughts?  I find it immensely useful.  I would be interested in your thoughts.

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I retired after 45 years in the field 39 years was spent as a maintenance electrician in a steel mill along with moonlighting as a residential and/or a new construction electrician.  I won't say I never found that using a clamp on amp meter wasn't helpful  while troubleshooting, but I never had one in my toolkit.  For me it wasn't worth the money spent. Good question

I bought my first volt ohm meter and separate clamp meter decades ago from Radio Shack. Both manual and used the D'Arsonval movement.  I understand that movement is still highly desirable in lab environments.  They served me well in tinkering and doing repairs, or in a couple of cases confirming that the item in question was not worth fixing. When I spotted the model I mentioned I got the itch and bought it.  Pretty handy but I don't do as much tinkering as in the past. Thanks for your reply, much appreciated.

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