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The other night I made 2 huge chicken legs and a similar sized wing (3 sections). I used 1 oz of apple and smoked at 225 deg. for 1.5 hrs until the leg was 165 deg. Used wild willies rub. Finished on the grill to crisp the skin. Meat was great, skin was too smokey.

Here is my question...if i have more food in the smoker, does the amount of wood need to change with the load, or is the smoke a "constant", regardless of how much food is loaded? Ie. If i had 20lbs of chicken (sm009-2) and used 1 oz of apple, would I still taste too much smoke?
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You don't have to add more wood when smoking larger quantities. Fowl takes on smoke rather easily. While penetrating cause you can also taste the smoke in the meat, I believe much of the smoke lays on the skin giving us that heavy smoke flavor. That said, I would never have guessed 1 oz of Apple to add too much smoke flavor to chicken. Try 1/2 oz next time and see how you like it.
Another thing I neglected to mention, that may or may not make a difference. The apple I used was from a tree branch I cut a few years ago. Approx. 2 inches in diameter, cut in 1" pcs. I was saving it for just such an occasion. (wife thinks I'm nuts). I split one piece in half and weighed it. Could the fact that it was a branch and not a chunk of the trunk make a difference? Maybe the wood is not dense enough or to much bark area? I want to try a slab of St. Louis ribs with the factory supplied hickory, but I dont want to have to cut it every time. Thanks for any suggestions.
Smoking ribs (drinking beer too) as we speak with the cookshack chunk. Weighed in at a svelt 1.5 oz. Smells awsome, cant wait until its "done when its done"! I'll let you know how thw smoke flavor is. This is great stuff! Yes I keep notes.

By the way, as I am drinking beer and tending to the fire, as I tell her I need to do, she is busy doing yard work while I am doing more important stuff! Life is good!

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