Special thanks to Micah for collection some of the Sauce posts through our forum.

Please review the attached and we'd love to hear any comments.

Thanks to all the forum members who've contributed.

Best of the Forum Collection -- Sauces 2004

There are basic Q sauces, pork, mustard, chicken, mops and other stuff.

New Update

The above link is to the HTML version

Best of Forum in Word Booklet format

Thanks to Dale Johnston, he has reformatted the document into a work of art.

You can now download this to MS Word and he has fixed a lot of the typos (thanks Dale) and formatted this to print as a booklet.

Thanks to Dale for the HARD Work, you made my life easier.

Original Post
S.O. Short of bookmarking this Sauces page.. how do I get to it by going to the SO Guide pages.. there ain't, so far as I can see, a Sauce topic..

Also, the LAST topic.. I think it's Recipe Forum doesn't work on my 'puter. Is it under construction or just down at the moment?

Thanks, Bill

Your updated guide page is being completed as I write.

This recipe collection is great! It is a good list, it's well organized and there's lots of information here.

Thanks to Micah and Smokin' for a job well done.


The "best" is a subjective answer. The purpose of creating that was to just list what's been provided in the forum, in a different forum instead of having to go through 40,000 posts.

That being said, if anyone wants to comment, would love to hear what everyone thinks?

Think of it as a reference.

For me, Best wouldn't be what's on that list but maybe other stuff. Example would be the commercial rubs post, very few people have responded to that one:

Best Commercial Rub post
Good points.

Have you got like "sauce on the brain"? Saw your post on bbqsearch about your stock Q sauce -- but I may have to report you for using liquid smoke.

I've got literally 1000's of Q recipes and not enough time to look, review let alone try any of them Wink

Well, when I get to Rubs and Sauces 101, I'll put my top ten on there, thanks for the idea.
Originally posted by SmokinOkie:
[qb]Have you got like "sauce on the brain"?[/qb]
You know what "making sauce" means to the Nepalese?

It looks like there's some good recipes on the list. And I like the fact that I can associate some of the recipes to users I recognize on the board--it adds some credibility to the recipe.

And are you making fun of my use of liquid smoke in a sauce? Next thing you know you'll be criticizing boiling ribs, using foil, or dumping a bottle of Kraft BBQ sauce in the crock-pot with a pork roast that's been cooking all day and calling it BBQ! Wink
Originally posted by SmokinOkie:
[qb] Special thanks to Micah for collection some of the Sauce posts through our forum.

Please review the attached and we'd love to hear any comments.

Thanks to all the forum members who've contributed.

Best of the Forum Collection -- Sauces 2004

There are basic Q sauces, pork, mustard, chicken, mops and other stuff [/qb]
Great job! A superb and well organized reference source. Nice balance and diversity. I've already picked a few sauces that I can't wait to try. Congrats and thanks to Smokin and Micah.
Yes Dennis, i'm poking fun at anyone. As for those other topics you mention, now you're picking on me... you know I don't use the F word Big Grin

DLS, glad to help.

IF ANYONE has ones they like just post a comment and we'll add you're comments to help others. Sometimes it takes someone making one of these for us to really know.
Wow - Don't know how I missed this before. The Best of the forum collection of sauces is fantastic. I've printed out all 38? pages and put them in my 3 ring binder.

I'll definitely add a link from my site as well. What a great resource. Thanks to all who pulled these together, and those that contributed their "secrets".
Several people have mentioned that the link to the sauce collection is broken. I discovered it the other day, and when I mentioned it to Smokin' Okie, he said that there are quite a few broken links on the forum, and he is working to get them repaired. As the person who worked with Smokin' Okie to compile the sauce list I am as anxious as any of you to see it restored. Hopefully it won't take too long.


The Best of the Forum Collection - Sauces 2004 has already been compiled into a Microsoft Word document. I e-mailed it to Smokin' Okie to include on this web site.

I cleaned up the collection and stardardized the format. It is currently set up to print on a laser printer in booklet format, i.e. an 8.5 x 11 piece of paper folded in half making two pages 8.5 x 5.5. If your printer does not support this capability then simply remove the blank pages I have inserted and print it normal.

Yes Dale, thanks for the update, you've done a fantastic job.

I'm waiting on some corrections to be made on the server before I post them.

There's a lot of work on my list, so please stand by and give me a little while to update what I can.

No problem. I just did not want anyone duplicating the work that had already been done. In the meantime, if anyone wants a copy I will be glad to e-mail it to them. Either respond to this thread or send an e-mail to Notsdale@Interfold.com and I'll get a copy out to you. I take no credit for the information. All I did was reorganize it in a different format.
If you click ont the link above, you should be able to print it straight from there, unless you are having trouble with your actual printer. Otherwise, go to the link, highlight the entire "Best of" list, and copy and paste it into a Word document for printing later.

Alternatively, one of the above posts says that if anyone wants a reformatted copy send an e-mail to Notsdale@Interfold.com. Thanks again Dale for the work you did reformatting the list
Hi Smokin-

Does this link refer to a collection from the year 2004?

Also, the recipe "BBQ Brisket with Goode's Mop" refers to Goodes Brisket Rub without the recipe for it.

Here is a link to Goodes original rub Goodes Rub

This is one of my favorite rubs which I got via the BGE forum (where it was popularized as "JJ's Rub") by adding an incredient.

Somewhere on the forum, I think I have posted JJ,s recipe for the rub- but, a Google will turn it up without difficulty.
I will apologize in advance in case this has been covered elsewhere... I couldn't get to the "Best of" sauce guide, either Word or HTML via the links above. I figured they were dated which is why they didn't work anymore. Can someone direct me to the sauce guide?

Also, this string has some great recipes, including Smokin's classic for butt. Thanks to everyone who's contributed, and Smokin' for leading the way.
Originally posted by SmokinOkie:
With the new website, looks like a few links are broken, I'll work it and fix it.


Still not working. If you need a copy, email me (my email is in my profile) and I'll send it.

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