I have been looking at Smokins Brine for the past 4 years but never got around to trying it until this year. The turkey was the best I have ever tasted and almost makes me want to smoke another one before next Christmas. Thanks Smokin, you have turned me into a turkey lover!
SmokinOkie, Last Thanksgiving I followed your instructions to the letter and my family thought this was the best turkey they had ever eaten. I was worried because I didn't find this forum and instructions until a week before Thanksgiving and I didn't have time to try it first. I can promise you these instructions are greatly appreciated cause I will never cook a turkey any other way, YES!, it was that good!
Thank You!!
We were talking about our guest list for this year's Thanksgiving. My wife suggested we smoke 2 turkey breasts vs 1 in addition to the standard oven 21# turkey, the 2 extra legs and 2 extra wings we cooked last year. All brined.

Seems last year, we ran out of the smoked turkey breast and had a ton of the oven breast left over. Cool

Your welcome.

Now we have to work on your timing... 10 months later, guess we better start getting you ready for this year.

Just teasing, welcome aboard and glad it worked it. It's pretty well tried and tested.

I am going to smoke a couple of turkey breasts this weekend (not whole turkeys).

Do I need to reduce the brine time at all for breasts only?

Would you expect the cooking time to be less for just breasts, or roughly the same?

Many thanks for your 101...!

edit: just found a discussion on the brine time- looks like you are suggesting 24 hours.
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Also, reading your 2010 Turkey 101-

Am thinking about marinating one of the breasts. Your marinade on pg 13 doesn't seem to have enough liquid to cover the bird. It also refers to injection later in the page.

Is this a marinade or an injection? If a marinade, is it missing some liquid?

I'll try to help you out Easy...

On brining breasts or marinating go at least 12 hrs and 24 is better.

Should be enough marinade if you choose not to inject, you will put it in a ziplock baggie and make sure all the air is out of the baggie. Remember Smokin' said that if you don't inject your marinade, the skin needs removed for penetration.

Good luck...oh, the smoke time depends on the size/weight of the breast compared to the size of the breast on a whole turkey. I'd figure around 3 hrs at 275*(160* in the breast for finish temp)
Thanks Cal, but the marinade only has a can of beer if I remember correctly (I am at work!). That doesn't seem to be enough liquid to cover the whole breast.
All you need is enough marinade to be able to get all the air out of the baggie. If one batch is not enough, make a second one. I think you'll be surprised how little will go a long ways.
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