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Like many I cut my BBQ teeth on a kettle type grill/smoker. The wasted my money on a cheap offset smoker. Now using a large BGE. When I do long cooks I use a GURU it's a godsend. I would like to cut down on the "fuss & muss". Is a CS the answer? Are there certain types of meats that are better suited for the CS than the BGE and vice-versa.
Another Cs question: Is it better to smoke on a full 008/ or run a 50 with a light load.
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We have several members that use both.

A loaded cooker,as GLH says, will be a little less likely to have temp swings,which don't mean anything anyway.

You might consider,if you think you might be cooking larger loads,frequently,the 50/55.

I realize that your large BGE,can be used along with the smaller CS,if you just need more room.

As to use,your BGE is a fine grill/smoker and versatile.

You will still use it to grill,and possibly to hot cook chicken,if a crispy skin is your goal.

I'd probably cook tritips on the BGE.

The high temps of your BGE would also lend itself to pizza,breads,etc.
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I am a new Smokette owner, but I have had a Kamado oven (BGE) since 1971. Never use it much, but it will cook a standing rib roast (or one without the ribs) like nothing else. Since you can control the air flow, you can have a flame burning in the bottom to move the roast along, but not so much flame as to cinderize the meat! The smoke is infused all the way through. Time cannot be as controlled as with a CS, but you have a lot more heat to play with. If I ever get to the point -- I haven't tried yet folks -- where I get food as good out of the CS as the rib roast out of the BGE, I will truly be in heaven. Cool
I have a Smokette and 2 Large Eggs. The Egg is fantastic grilling machine and does a very good job for baking and roasting (pizza, chicken, turkey). It also does a good job for low and slow, but I think the Smokette does a much better job on brisket and prime rib. Ribs and pork butts are great either way but the ease of use on the Smokette is a big plus. The Egg is my go to cooker for daily grilling since I got it. I have even taken to cover off of my gasser or Weber Performar since becoming an Egghead!

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