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Originally posted by mnhogfarmer:
Another one I like is "Smoke & Spice" by the Jamisons. [/qb]
Roger.. what is it you like about Kirk's book over Jamison's.. just curious. My son recommended Jamison's but they don't seem to carry it any longer at the local BBQ's Galore. I'll try Amazon or ?? The BBQ Bible was at the store.. wish I could compare side by side.

The Baron's book is all seasoning recipes, simple to complex. He walks you through the process. I actually found his on a close-out rack for $2.95. I wish I'd bought the whole stack. No food involved, just ingrediants to make rubs etc. The BBQ sauce we bottle and sell was derived by reading his book.

Smoke & Spice takes food and doctors it up to make a complete dish { I hope this make sense }. One of our signiture dishes, with a few modifications, are the smoked olives on page 267.

Comparing the two in my opinion is apple/oranges.

I now order books over the phone from Barnes and Noble which we have locally. If you don't like the book you can return it {which is what I did with Kirk's most recent book}.

Of course now that I've discovered this forum, how needs a cookbook?

Good Luck! Roger

If you have an address in the states you can use as a shipping address, check out

Books are usually 50% off and they are having a sale until the end of the year - another 10% off orders of 5 or more books. They ship within a few days and shipping costs seem reasonable.

Most of their books are cookbooks and there are usually a lot of BBQ books in stock.

I have ordered from them several times, they are really great people to do business with.


Two years in Australia taught me to take care of my friends and their friends. If you find yourself in Oklahoma, I'll do right by you. Might not make you even drink American beer.

If I could just figure out how to get some of those meat pies over here...but that's another story.
One book I have found really useful is "How To Cook Meat" by Chris Schlesinger and John Willoughby. It covers a lot more than a typical BBQ book, so it is useful for those times when you want something grilled, fryed, stewed, sauted, steamed, etc.

This link takes you to the paper back edition, but if you'll take hard cover, it is available used/overstock for about $7.00. Look at the "editions" tag under the picture and go to used/new.

How To Cook Meat

BTW, all the books by these guys are interesting. I also suggest their book, "Lettuce In Your kitchen", even though there's not a single smoked item in it.
Mornin' WeeWilly

I think I may have the first book.

I can't think of anything significant about it.

If you have the chance to stop in A BBQGalore store ,or even a major bookstore,you can get most of what you need out of most of these books by flipping the pages IMO

Your public library probably has many of the books in it's system.

There are some books out there that are interesting reads,but not really cookbooks.

The group above has listed those books that stand out among the crowd.

Ray Lampe aka drbbq just had his new book's intro party.

He cooks on a lot of different cookers,cooks with a lot of good cooks,cooks all areas of the country.

I have not seen it,but he has shared recipes and techniques on the bbq forums and in his cooking classes for years.

The forum and Smokin' Okie's columns are the best books I've seen.

CrisA,over at the virtual bullet,would be the next best read I've seen.

Many of the other's are grilling books.

Steve Raichlen and the Weber company have pretty comprehensive ones.

This is the accepted authority on sausage.

Bruce Aidell has a pretty good sausage book.
Thanks for the three replies folks..

Todd.. those used book stores are really great.. never thought about a book on lettuce Smiler

Tom.. I agree that the forum is simply GREAT.. and, I know I've said it before.. but it probably IS all I'll need. I just guess I've been pulled in by looking for more specific books on smoke cooking..

Smokin.. that's probably why I chose those two books.. no other reason.. I've seen the Parks name on book lists before and thought I'd ask opinions.

I always forget to bring pen and paper along when I go to the bookstores.. Smiler I bought Jamison's book and Kirk's book.. both on sauces and rubs, etc.. but haven't used them yet.. just sticking by what is easy in my pantry and tastes good till I get my "Q" legs. I'd assume if I get too many books.. I'll never use 1/10 of the info..


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