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First off,I am not a professional.However,I am a bbq addict.
My daughter is getting married in Oct and she wants me to cook BBQ for the Reception.I am going to cook some chicken halves,briskets and a few butts probably.
She wants to invite 100 people.I figure the guests will be about 60% female.Ages may range from 60% of the guests being 20-30 yrs old.Maybe 10% being under 18,and the rest being over 30.

What I am looking for is a estimate for briskets and pork to serve this crowd along with a few suggestions for some side dishes.My wife makes a killer red slaw,but we need something besides that.
Along with the briskets and pork,I figured i would throw in some chicken halves or quarters.
any help would be appreciated.
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I think the 60% female figure is the most important. Usually I would suggest about 8oz of cooked meat per person, but I think you have some room to wiggle assuming side items.

I would suggest 60 chicken thighs, or 30-40 chicken leg quarters. WalMart has them for ~$6 a bag for I think 12 pieces per bag.

While you're there, pick up 40# of packer brisket. That should give you 25# of meat.

Lastly, about 40# of butts for maybe 25-28# of pulled meat should give everyone a chance to eat some of each and nobody will leave hungry. Most likely, you'll have leftovers.

Cut back 20% if you know the group to be light eaters. You didn't mention what you're cooking on, but you could do all of this on an 008 pretty easily, plus a grill for the chicken. Have fun.
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thanks Todd
I have a old wood/charcoal burner.It cooks chickens pretty good,but for briskets I use a smoker with a offset fire box.I`m hoping to get one like you folks here have,maybe this year.Before the wedding would be great.
I am near Albemarle,NC and I see you are up near Raleigh,2 hours away.
Like Todd says,stick with individual chicken pieces,as most women won't pick out a leg quarter.

Thighs cook well,and hold even better.

Women will usually request breast,so if you use them,cut the split breast in two.

An experienced caterer can hold brisket ,but for others it is much more difficult to hold well, than pulled pork.

Also,as Todd suggested ,1/3 lb meat will probably get you by,althought leftovers are always nice.

As to sides,we find the ladies will not consume much beans.

Just a couple of thoughts.
Many of the worksheets,I linked.

Lots of good stats,but like Todd says,them women skew it way off-with our experience.

They don't eat bread,or beans.

A Sam's fruit salad might fit in.

Even the bags of salad mix,and some Ital. dressing.

Folks don't go to a bbq to eat slaw,and a bite of tater salad might fill out the plate.

In your neck o' the woods,you might have to write an explanation card for the brisket.

They all know chopped/pulled/shredded pork.

For the young group,think some hotdogs,and maybe burgers,some chips.

Chocolate chip cookies,or brownies from Sam's might fit in.

In wedding gear,the women eat NEAT.

Just a couple thoughts ,from being there a few times.

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