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I have owned my CS025 for coming up on a year, and can I tell you I love that thing. Wanted to relate a recent success. A bunch of us, 16 in all, went on a 5 day houseboat trip on Norris Lake in TN. I volunteered to do a lot of the cooking in advance. I made Pulled Pork, Ribs, and Pizza (obviously this was not in the CS !).

For the pulled pork I used a 14lb package from Sam's. I dry rubbed and let set over night. Smoked em using applewood for as long as it took to get to temp. FTC'd for a few hours. Then I pulled the pork added a little finishing sauce, put into two freezer bags and threw in the freezer. Yield was about 7lbs total.

For the ribs, and this was amazing to me, and probably not the best thing to do Big Grin I managed to get 9 racks of ribs into the CS025. I spent a bunch of time reading posts about how many people could get into the CS025. Finally I just started laying them down and using little wads of foil to provide some seperation between racks to let the smoke through. Threw some Cherry and Applewood into the box, shut the door and let them smoke. I did do a rotation after a few hours just for good measure. Now when they were done, they did not look as good as when I do just a few racks. For the ribs, I cut them into half racks, wrapped each in foil, then placed 2 half racks in a freezer bag and froze them.

Off topic, but I have been scratch making pizza for years (google farrarzano pizza and you'll see some of my handiwork at another site). I made 8 pies, quartered and placed into freezer bags and into the freezer.

Left on a Sunday morning. I packed all of the food into a large 5 day cooler with 20lbs of ice. The drive down took about 6 hours, then we stayed in a hotel Sunday night. Finally got on the boat Sunday afternoon. Unpacked the cooler and everything was still frozen solid !!

For the pulled pork. I thawed in the freezer bags, then placed it into a large foil pan. Added some finishing sauce, covered tightly with foil and put in the oven on 325 for awhile till it got hot. Did open it up once and stir the pork around. Once it was ready we ate. The pork was juicy and tender and just plain awesome. Everyone loved it !!

For the ribs, I thawed them in the fridge then opened up each half rack. I piled them up in two large foil pans, added a little water into the bottom and then sealed up tightly with foil. Cooked in the over on 325 until hot and then opened them up and served. The ribs were awesom, tender, just the right level of juiciness. The best comment was from the new husband of my cousin, who is a TN native, who said in his best drawl....."I think you ought to take these ribs down to Memphis.....theys good"

Anyway, just wanted to share a success and also talk about the method of cooking and then saving for a later date then reheating as I've seen a bunch of threads lately about that.

Gonna do a brisket tomorrow........I just love my CS !!!
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