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Hey all,
just got this 6 lb. tenderloin.
Have never done one before and looking for suggestions. It is too expensive (even at the discount I received) to mess it up!

The right side of it in photo thins out. Was told it is 21 days old.

Had planned to trim 3 filet steaks out of it for one dinner. For a second dinner, had planned to take the remainder, smoke it to about 110 IT, then move it to a hot grill or broiler to finish at around 125 IT or so.

But...I am open to suggestions from you fine cooks out there!

Would appreciate any recommendations.

Thanks in advance.


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Sounds like a pretty good plan to me. Mid rare filet's for one dinner and a smoked Chateaubriand for the second. A pomme puree & a mushroom wine reduction would probably be a pretty good accompaniment for the Chateaubriand. In other words, mashed potatoes & mushroom gravy goes good with steak. I bet Chris(MaxQ) might have a couple good suggestions as well. Take pics!
Thanks guys for the suggestions!
I trimmed it tonight after watching a couple videos and ended up with 4 large filets, 4 small filets, the head-which I will cook to medium rare, and the chain which will get turned into fajita meat. And a couple small trim pieces that will be breakfast with eggs tomorrow. All went into vacuum sealed bags til ready to use.

Here are the videos if interested:

Unfortunately I may not be able to cook the meat up for a few days but I will post pics when I can.
Thanks for your help!


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Nice trim work Soleman!

While those pics indicate a decent amount of marbling, the large steaks and Chateaubriand roast would benefit from a wrapping of bacon before grilling/roasting.

You might consider a marinade for the large filet steaks. One that's simple & tasty calls for equal parts olive oil, Balsamic vinegar and Soy sauce (Tamari) along with a bit of fresh chopped garlic, Rosemary, salt & pepper.

For the small steaks you might consider Tournedos au Poivre Vert.
1 can Campbells Beef Consomme
2 oz heavy cream
2 TBSP Green Peppercorns in brine
2 TBSP brandy or Cognac
Kosher salt & course ground pepper
1 TBSP Canola or Olive oil

Season the steaks with S&P...allow to reach room temp. Add oil to a saute pan and brown the steaks over medium hi...roughly 2 minutes per side depending on thickness. Set aside to a warm plate. Off the heat, add the brandy and allow to evaporate. Add the green peppercorns and consommé. Reduce by half. Add the cream and bring to a boil. Reduce until slightly thickened. Add back the steaks and and juices. Simmer 1 minute and serve.
Did 2 filets this weekend- the smaller ones.
Marinated for 30 minutes using Salvy Sousas meat marinade. Then rubbed with Mccormicks Garlic Pepper. wrapped with a strip bacon around each and held with toothpicks.

Into cold smoker. Set it to 250, using oak and hickory chips. Smoked to an IT of 110 F.

Moved them to a hot propane grill to finish. Pulled from grill with IT at 125 F.

Tented in foil 15 minutes.

Served for dinner. See attachment. Came out perfect medium rare. Great flavor and it was the tenderest filet I have ever had. This was a Sterling Silver beef tenderloin from Excel, so quality of meat was really high.

MaxQ, I told my wife about your recommendations above. We plan to give it a go next time.

Thanks everyone for your suggestions!


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Cooked the head of the tenderloin.
Weighed 1.25 lb.
Marinated in Salvy Sousa meat marinade for an afternoon.
Rubbed with McCormick garlic pepper and a little Montreal steak seasoning.

Into cold smoker. Set to 250 with oak. Smoked to an IT of 110.

Removed and moved to hot 500 degree propane grill. Cooked to IT of 130. Removed and tented in foil for 15 min.

Sliced and plated with a cremini mushroom red wine sauce. Recipe taken from Weber big book of grilling book that I received in the forum exchange.

Results: incredibly tender. Good smoke flavor but not overpowering. Sauce was good but not great. It was a recipe of convenience as I had all the ingredients on hand.

Overall a wonderful dining experience. Perfect medium rare.


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