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First, the guys from Ducks Unlimited who put on the event went full bore to make the contestants feel welcome.

A lot of non-CBJs so the scoring was all over the place. My neighbor had appearance scores on a box that ranged from 9 to 2. My worst range was only 9 to 5. A lot of 666s,777s, and 888's which to me indicates people who are clueless what the scores mean.

We were DQed in pork . Found out this afternoon that it was for marking. The rep felt that the arrangement of bark resembled a starfish beyond what is allowed for creative expession. Picaso is now a rep.

All in all, Don't think it will be on my list for next year.
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Can anyone elaborate on Bentonville, here's our thoughts about Contest reports from an earlier post:

1. A short report about the contests itself, where it was how it took care of the contestants, just general info for others who might enter in the future.

2. What things could have been improved at the contest

3. Photos of the site, etc

4. Oh, and of course, the winners


5. Entry Fees

6. Prize Money
The head rep was Merl Whitebrook. I went back and reviewed the sheets from all our previous contests(not a large sample), no DQs, this contest had two. My thought that I won't go back isn't based on the DQ. Things like dirty turn-in boxes and poor judging are the real factors.

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