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Since Carol and I were the Reps at all but one Oklahoma contest, and in great fear of making contest mad, here are some coments.
For Money: Bricktown and Claremore
For treating the cooks great: Bixby
For level of Competition: Ponca, Bixby, Bricktown, Enid, Tulsa, Stillwater
If you want an early comp, I would go to Bixby, if you want a late comp, I would go to Bricktown, and if you want one in the middle, I would go to Ponca, Enid or Tulsa.
Yours in BBQ
Bricktown is in OKC in September (don't have the dates in front of me).

I like Merl's list, except I'd leave off Enid (only it's 2nd year) and Tulsa (they charge too much, don't pay much and don't take care of the cook AND it's always hot)

Only one, it would be either Bixby (great setting) or Bricktown

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