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Just got my PG-500 and over the weekend cooked:

Fajitas (perfect)

St Louis Ribs (alllllmost perfect)

Ribeyes (perfect medium rare reverse sear)

So, I'm a happy guy.

Tonight the missus would like me to grill/smoke some Butterfly Pork Chops.

In the past, I've used apple or other fruit woods for this type of pork.

What brands of fruit wood pellets have you had the best results from and which type?

We have a few stores in the area which carry different brands. If I'm lucky I might be able to get the brand you like when I come home from work tonight.

Also, if you have a great way to cook this rather lean type of pork, please give me your recipe and settings. I'm always happy to learn a better way.

Thanks in advance!
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Hi there, welcome to the forum.

I am too lazy to change woods in my PG500 based on what meat I am smoking. I just ran out of alder and switched to Pecan and cherry. I think I prefer to always mix with cherry. I like the color it puts on my chicken, ribs, and pork products.

My most consistent mix is cherry and hickory. I try to use 60-40 hickory to cherry.

On butterfly Pork Chops. I like to use a good marinade. Even a bottle of italian dressing works good. Overnight and then shake off the excess. Dust with your favorite rub. ( I use grand champion from TexasBBQrub) Smoke on indirect until internal of 115. Pull from the smoker and increase temp to 400 degrees. Place back on zone 1 and sear both sides, about 90 sec. Rest for 15 and serve.
Last time (2011) I ordered a mixed pallet of BBQ delight, which contained lots of hick, mesquite, apple, cherry, sugar maple, walnut, peach, pecan and even black walnut.

Since it cost me a dollar a bag more to mix bags on the pallet, this time I decided to go with all pecan. I love it on pork and it's worked with everything else I smoke, especially a lot of bacon and ham, snack stix, etc.

Sugar maple is nice on the cured meats also.

Full disclosure though, I have a FEC 100 with the log burner, so can put a hickory stick in there to pump it up a little.

Padre, hate to brag, but I've never had to brine a chop since I've started growing my own.


Thought I'd report back on the pellets I got and the result.

Actually, I got talked into buying Pacific Pellet Gourmet Blend, which is a blend of 40% Oak, 30% Alder, 15% Pecan and 15% Cherry.

It produces a nice, light flavored, sweet smoke that went very well with the pork chops and some chicken legs last night.

The kiddos ate both of them up pronto.

Since I have a full bag, I'll try it with steaks tonight and pizza tomorrow or the day after.

Chaplain Bill, your hog must've lived the sweet life to have fattened up so nicely.

Those are some awesome looking chops.

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