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Had a business partner that had a buffalo herd.
We grilled some steaks at pretty much med heat,until they probed tender and cut about med rare.Kinda like venison and we removed the silver skin on them.Not much fat and they almost looked like lean sirloin?
All the meat was very lean looking.
We used some chunks to make chili and a bison stew.

We had a couple pieces of brisket,around 5 lbs.Removed some silver skin and used a light rub of basically Lawry's seasoned salt and pepper.
We ran the smoker at about 220º and it was probing tender around 140º and had some color.Foiled it and cooked to an IT of about 155º.Let it set in the cambro awhile and sliced across the grain.It ate pretty tender.

I'm certainly no expert on cooking bison,so other folks might do a better job to suit their tastes.

I'm used to cooking large beef packers with good internal fat and letting the cooker break down the collagen and render the fat,over time.

I suppose,if you can afford it,bison provides a quality,leaner protein.

We are spoiled,because he raises grassfed and creepfeed finished bloodstock beef,also.It would be considered "steakhouse" eating beef.

Hope this helps a little.

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