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I am cooking 4 butts (7 - 8 lbs each) in the smokette. It is for a small gathering tomorrow. They plan to eat at 3:00 / 4:00 pm tomorrow. My issue is that I need to drop it off at say 8:00 am tomorrow morning - my daughter has a big soccer tournament tomorrow. I was planning to put them on at 4:00 pm this afternoon. They should be ready by 6:00 am tomorrow morning.
THE QUESTION: What is the best way to hold the product tomorrow after I wrap and pull? I plan to drop the product off alreay in the shredded form. Should they put in fridge and then just heat up in the oven? Thanks and Go Steelers!
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You can't wrap and pull and expect it to be good 8 hours later (or longer if they're ready at 6am). As soon as you pull it, it will lose moisture.

You have to keep it food safe (above 140) for that time.

To be food safe (with that many people you need to be) you probably need to cool it off then reheat. I wouldn't try to hold pulled for that long. If it was me, I'd finish it much closer to the time and then pull it as late as you can.

That's my quick answer.

Dropping it off seems to be the problem.

What heat options do they have, they probably need to reheat.

When you drop it off they need to cool it quick then reheat.

I'm sure some others will have some ideas to help.
I have taken hot rib racks off the smoker, straight into foil and a cooler, insulated with towels and newspaper, and burned my fingers on the ribs three hours later.

Holding pulled pork is different, because it has to be cool enough to work with and you lose most of the heat in the process of pulling it. Unless you pull at a high temperature in about ten minutes each, you are not going to have much heat left for holding.

If they have no heating option whatsoever, I would pull into aluminum roaster pans, then heat or reheat the foil covered pans at 225 until they are warmed through, then drop those in an insulated cooler and transport. This should buy you at least an hour or two holding time prior to serving.

If they have a heating option, pull into roaster pans and foil to reheat in the oven, or glass casseroles and plastic wrap to reheat in the microwave. Either way, refrigerate and deliver cold.
Followed my last plan above....
Put on at 11 pm and took off at 1 pm the following day
Wrapped in foil and beach towel
Placed in cooler and delivered
They pulled at 3 pm (I had to get back to my
Daughters soccer tournament)
I was the talk of the party! Well the Q was...
Thanks again for the help.

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