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Hey, you are the man. I will alway's abide by your suggestions. I had been hearing so much about "Brisket Burgers" and thought that you had posted a recipe for them a while back. The brisket i have is small so I thought about giving it a shot. Thank you for all your help. Like I said, You are the Man !
Only one way you're going to know if you like brisket burgers.

Famous Dave's has added brisket burgers to their menu.

Here's a recipe I found online for making brisket burgers.

I'm not arguing with Smokin that there are other ways to go, but it can't hurt to see what the hype is about.

Actually Smokin, if you had brisket burger on your menu, I'd probably try it. Cool Smoked brisket hamburgers. Certainly sounds barbecue...ish. I guarantee Mrs. Pags would try it. I checked Famous Dave's Menu, and the brisket burger isn't on it yet, so I couldn't tell if they charge more for the brisket burger than the regular hamburger.
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It's hype, just new name to an old burger. FYI, the butchers are already doing that with points they cut off to make flats only.

Sorry, if you guys want to waste a good brisket and make it into burgers go ahead. Oh, My point is "why"? I won't give it a different taste, it's beef.

But, fresh ground at home is better than store bought. I grind up chuck when I want to do that. But I add ground up bacon to my burgers, sometimes sausage, sometimes both.

Make a better burger, but no harm comes to brisket in the making of MY burgers Big Grin

I always say, if you want to go ahead and experiment and let us know.

As for a brisket burger in the restaurant, given my feelings above, it probably won't happen anytime soon.
Just a thought. A smoky flavored brisket burger can only be made at a smokehouse type restaurant. I don't know anything about running restaurants, but it seems like something to draw in the folks cause it can't be bought at a Red Robin. Smiler

Actually, I hope the lines are so long at your places that you wouldn't have to consider it.
I've been grinding my own meat for burgers at home for many years, and brisket (point) is always part of the mix. Typically, it's an equal mix of brisket and chuck. As an alternative, I'll do an 33.3% mix of brisket, chuck, and boneless short rib.

Prior to grinding, I cut the meat into 1" chucks, and fire up the smoker. Once I get a decent smoke going, I unplug the smoker, cover the vent hole, and put the chunks in for around 30 minutes to hang out and pick up some smoke.

Works like a charm for some great tasting burgers.
These guys are right. If you gots to make brisket burgers smoke off a packer then when the flat is done separate from the tip. Season that tip back up and throw it back in the smoker another 90 minutes or so. Then glaze with a little sauce a ned cut into 1/2 cubes - in English that is Burnt Ends... Serve that on a bun.

Doing anything else to a brisket is a Class A Felony...
Originally posted by Hoffy:
I live in Chicago area and have no problem ever finding good quality briskets for $1.98-2.18 per pound.

Where do you get your briskets from? Sam's by me only carries flats, and Wally World only has select packers. I have to make a trek out to Restaurant Depot to get a choice packer.
Originally posted by Hoffy:
I am almost sorry that I asked.... I live in Chicago area and have no problem ever finding good quality briskets for $1.98-2.18 per pound. If I can spend my own labor and give family something special or different in a burger, why not ?

Nah, don't let me scare you off. You want to make Brisket Burgers, someone will help. Heck, if you want to, like I said go for it.

Just realize in this forum, as a newbie, you MIGHT ask questions that get a response, and some of us old guys are a little opinionate.

All in good fun and some simple BBQ advice
Guys, just because I don't normally jump into coversations, doesn't automatically mean I am new to BBQ. I have been q'ing for almost 10 years, my first smoker was a WM, then a Backwoods, and then we started making UDS's, which I think are fantastic for briskets. Of course, I still have them all ! I cook over 50 briskets a year, ribs, etc. I buy my own rubs because I think it's just cheaper that way, make my own sauces, and have a developed separate pork and brisket injections that would give anyone a run for their money.

With that said, I love this forum because almost everyday I log on, I learn something new, which is the main reason I respect Smokin so much.

I am new to making Brisket burgers though ! Smiler
I tried a blend of a brisket point and chuck a couple weeks ago (1 large brisket point to 2 parts chuck. Ground both with some onion and grilled on the Weber- turned out really juicy. Still tasted like a burger.

I think I like the tast of the burgers made with just chuck better. my tcw.

My butcher said he has a customer that does all his ground meat using only full packers.
How do I get correct Fat to Meat ratio ?

The most commonly used ratio is 80% lean, 20% fat, which happens to be my preference. By seperating and weiging lean and fat, you can develop whatever ration you wish to use. One consideration though, the lean...unless you're using Select or "No Roll" beef, will have some degree of marbling.

Burgers always have been, and will continue to be popular; it's in the American genetic structure. They usually produce a higher profit margin so restaurants are always looking to reinvent the burger "wheel". Adding brisket to the mix is just one example of that.

At my place, we always have sirloin (vein) ends along with tenderloin ends. Now and again we'll run a batch of meat and sell burgers on our Bistro menu. If I had access to brisket trimmings, they'd go in the mix as well. The bottom line, use what you have.

If I'm making burgers at home, I'll grind chuck.

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