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Hi Everyone,

My first brisket is in the smoker - 225 degrees around a 15 lb brisket. I split what I thought was the point off from the flat - as it wouldn't fit on one shelf in my SM025. My question is, the point is on the bottom shelf and the flat is on the top. There is about a 20 degree temp difference between the point and the flat. With the point being the higher temp.. What should the internal temp of the point be in order to have burnt ends. I plan on cooking the flat to 190 degrees for slicing - is that right?

Many thanks
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Start checking the flat for tenderness at 190. Just put a temp probe in it and it should go in like butter. Foil and rest it when it's done, may be 190 may be 194, I've had them go over 200 before tenderness is reached... but generally 190-195-ish.

As far as the point goes, I usually take it up to 205+ for burnt ends, then I cube it, sauce and call it good. Alternatively, some will pull the point at about the same time as the flat, cube, sauce and then back in the cooker for 1-2 hours until done.
Experienced cooks are good in that they have experience. Big Grin

We have cooked flat and point together and had the point slice better than the worthless flat.

We have had the point be perfect burnt ends,when they come off together.

How the cubes feel when you squeeze each one,will decide beween another 1 to 4 hrs cooking and maybe 15 degrees.Eat one and how does it eat.

Yes,kinda agravating,but cooking a few makes the time worthwhile.Each one will get better.

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