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Used the super bowl as an excuse to cook a brisket on my FEPG500.
The numbers:
Ambient 40
Setpoint 225
cooking grid zone 3
zone temp 250-260
Start time 0430
end time 1600
weight 8.34 pounds
pellets BBQer Delight Charcoal

Brisket and baked bean.

Brisket sliced

Excellent temp without foil, sliced good and had a great flavor. This FEPG Beastie is great

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Finish temp was 195* and moisture was good.

Have found that using zone 4 requires a fairly high setpoint 275-300 to maintain a 250 grate level temp and the temperature across the grate left to right will vary as much as 50 to 75 degrees. This temp reqires rotation of the meat every few hours to prevent hot dry edges and crispy crittering.

Found that Zone 3 is very even at 240-260 left to right and top of pit to zone 3 grate with a setpoint of 225. This requires minimal opening of the pit and the subsequent temp excusions that occur. Also better pellet usage.

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