Did this one Saturday night. The Smokette makes it so easy. Separated the flat from the point, trimmed the point and injected the flat. Placed the flat on the top rack, the point on the middle rack. 225 degrees for 15-16 hours. 190 for the flat, 205 for the point. Yum!


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All right... That does it... I'm cooking briskets!

Actually I have two in the basement fridge waiting to go into the Smokette tonight for tomorrow's dinner and leftwvers for the week.

Nice looking brisket, LA. Thanks for the pics!
That looks so awesome. I am still waiting for my smoker to arrive, looking at those pics makes me realize it will be well worth the wait, but the waiting is so hard.
Originally posted by wheresthebestbbq.com:
Looks just awesome! How much did it wiegh before cooking?

One of the photos shows it was 14.36lbs before trimming.

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