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Replies sorted oldest to newest're new to the forum, so we'll let you off with a friendly warning for mentioning that four letter word...

....just kiddin'

actually the only time I foil my briskets it to keep them warm when I'm holding. The CS does a superb job because it holds a very high humidity inside the smoker (no need for a water pan).

I don't have any problem with them drying out plus I like to get a good thick bark on the outside with lots of smoke flavor.

That being said, you could still do them with the foil, but try one without it and see.


p.s. We're a friendly forum, we just tease a lot around here.
Thanks Smokin.I have owned the older version of the 150 for quite a while,Ive logged hundreds of hours on it, but I never get the time to just experiment. Every time Im cooking,its for someone else or for a special event.I just didnt feel brave enough to risk making an experimental mistake with someones main course.The cookshack has really spoiled me as far as taking away all the long hours I used to spend tending to fires. I never really thought about any other benefit other than that, until I started checking out the forum. Before I just figured if I transfered the techniques I had picked up over the years using the old off-sets and stone pits towards the cookshack that I might actually start getting some sleep, and also cut back on wiping out the pecan tree population with the ton of wood I had been using, not to mention the miles of foil I'm wasting....
P.S. I have never admitted to anyone that I used foil until tonight.The old purists would have crusified me.
Just did my first brisket yesterday in the Smokette and I have to tell you it came out fantastic without using foil.

It was a 12.7 lb. choice cut. Was very tender, moist and had a nice bark to it with just the right amount of smoke. (5 oz.)

Took it to a Christmas Eve party and was told by someone whose favorite BBQ is brisket, that it was as good if not better than a very popular BBQ joint that he frequents.

Also got the same compliments on a shoulder I did last week.

Can't ask for more than that...

I say foiling is essential, but for different reasons however. I prepared ribs last night and by all accounts they were good, although I don't really remember. I believe I may have been a little tiddly. This morning when I went out to clean my CS the smoke box was absolutely covered with debris, drippings that had set up and so forth. It took forever to clean up properly. It seems I forgot to foil the top of the smoker wood box. This is what the foil was meant for and I blew it. I am ready for Smokin to chastise me. Oh yes, happy holidays and best wishes to all you fellow forum members.
Cookshack should frame Big'N's testimonial from above. Here's the best part:

, and also cut back on wiping out the pecan tree population with the ton of wood I had been using, not to mention the miles of foil I'm wasting....

As an offset pilot myself, I can appreciate what Big'N is saying...and why Cookshacks sell themselves.


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