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I actually posted this elsewhere, but thought I'd make it's own thread.

One thing I do is trim my points pretty close. There is enough intramuscular fat that you don't need the external fat (I trim it down to the meat itself to 1/4" or less)

At the end of a brisket smoke and it's done, I separate the point from the flat and I cube them up (bite size). And try to make them the same size, for even cooking. If you have two sizes (large and small) put them in different pans as the small will be done faster. I put them in a foil half pan or smaller. Spinkle more rub and enough sauce to cover, but not to soak.

I smoke again for one hour, then cover the pan with foil for 2nd hour. I take them out and test a few by squeezing them between thumb and forefinger. If it resists and isn't tender, needs more time.

I find this step crucial. I've had some done in 1 hour and others in 3 or 4, you have to do them to the point of tenderness

Here's a photo of some BE I did recently. Yes, there is grease on the bottom of the plate, but I moved these to a different dish for serving.

I froze them in 1lb pouches and pull a pouch when I want to make beans, or I'll get some out to put on Baked Potatoes.

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I'm not Smokin', but I do know he cooks on a FEC100, so yes he gets a little smoke, but an electric smoker will probably pick up enough smoke from the seasoning that's already built up on the smoker's walls.

I've heard him also say that he will use a splash of Head Country marinade when he is putting the rub on the brisket, but I would guess that's the only marinading he does on briskets...he's a little old fashion in wanting the TRUE beef flavor to shine.

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