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Hi All,

Long time lurker first time posting. Been looking to grab a PG500 but I am wondering whether I should get one new, or there is one that is from 2012 used semi-nearby.

Price difference is about 50% off for the used one, requires me to drive +/-3 hrs to get it and since its from 2012 comes with no warranty. Pictures look very good and the owner seems like a reputable person from the forum who was always raving about his PG500 (bought a FEC100 for more space though).

What are your thoughts? On one hand, the 50% off savings is great, however with it being out of warranty, the cost to replace parts that go bad I would think could easily close that price difference real quick.

What do you guys think?

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Like Tom says, "it depends".

The new one will come with the SS direct grate, get delivered to your door & come with a warranty as well as a no question return policy. If you go this route a bonus would be to upgrade the indirect grate to SS & add pellets/rub/sauce to the pallet for limited increase in freight.

On the other hand, if you're willing to drive 6 hours & take a chance you will save some $$$. CS service will still be great but you will pay for any parts + s&h.

Good Luck!

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