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Yeah it looks like an older 150 - instead of the UP and DOWN buttons to set Time, Cook Temperature, or Holding Temperature you set them with the knob.

The SM150 (this might have been called a 105 I think) is a real workhorse. 5 shelves that are 18 x 18 inches, don't have to cut up slabs of ribs or a brisket to fit it in, it uses 110 (at 15 amps) and like all the other commercial Cookshack models (like ALL the Cookshacks period) it's a real tank.
Ask the seller, one of those tags on the front door has the serial number, model number and year built. Age has little bearing on worth as they're tanks and extremely robust, even if run in a restaurant. Being it's not the newer "digital" model it's simpler to operate, more robust in cold snowy weather (I have a beach umbrella protecting my SM150) and you can cook a lot of food in it at once. Figure around $1000.00 if it's working, they really are great units. To get an idea of worth shop around on eBay or your local CraigsList - or call local restaurant supply houses who many times have older used Cookshacks for sale. These things are tougher than Army Tanks, go look at this unit in person, arrange to have the seller fire it up so you see it works. I am a real Cookshack Believer.
Thanks for the imput. I was able to get it for less than what I paid for my smokette. It has some rust on the lower outside but the box in inside is in good shape. It was manufactured in 1995 and is a Model 105. They used it to smoke salmon in a couple of times a year. Took out the racks and rack holder and ran them through the dishwasher with some degreaser and they look great. Did not clean the inside other than scraping it out and then ran it for about 6 hours (based on other great forum posts). Will be firing up some babyback ribs in it today now that I have room to do more than 2-3 slabs at a time. Thanks again for everyones responses.
You're gonna love that extra capacity.
I ran a taco spice/brown sugar rubbed pork butt (for carnitas)in my SM150 last night, 7.5 pounds. I was supposed to rain so I got my smoker under it's big beach umbrella and about 7:30 pm put some red oak and hickory and the pork butt in and let her rip on the "brisket/pork" setting. When I got out on the deck this morning the smoker had just gone into it's holding mode of 140 degrees and the instant read digital thermometer slid in and out like butta. The resulting carnitas a true joy to eat...

Toast up the small tortillas in an oiled cast iron skillet so they blister just a little. Then apply a layer of the carnitas, some "pizza blend" cheese and some Pebre (in this case fresh diced tomatoes, a small diced long thin green chile (seeds and all) half a red onion small dice, a shucked ear of uncooked sweet corn and a bunch of fresh parsley. Add about 1/2 cup EVO and combine.) Really very awesome.
I get all my spices in bulk at a restaurant supply place. You can easily make your own special taco seasoning:

2 tbls corriander seeds
2 tbls cumin seeds
1 tbls red pepper flake
1 tbls onion powder
1 tbls garlic powder
1 tbls seasoning salt
1 tsp oregano

Toast seeds in a small skillet then grind in a spice mill with the red pepper flake. Add to other spices and mix with a whisk, in my case I added about 1/2 cup brown sugar and that was my rub. We're having this for dinner. Gave my neighbor and his wife half. The tomatoes we got at a You Pick farm store - a gallon clay pot of beef steak sized tomatoes with little bruises on them (probably about 18) $2.99 !! Add the green chile, the red onion and it was $3.49 for the pebre. LOL
I got an older model 150, i think it says 105 on it. The price was right, the guy was trying to sell it but it wouldn't heat up so he gave it to me.
Knowing it was a Cookshack, I took a chance and replaced the heater coil. It has been going strong for the last three years.
Mine is so old, it has a small black knob on the top - no temps or marks at all. It's like a rheostat that adjusts the temp.
It works great and I expect will be around after I'm gone.
He GAVE it to you ?? WOW !!! You must be living right !! I think us Yanks are very spoiled having Cookshack here in the U.S. - if you spend enough time looking around on eBay or your local Craigslist there are some really awesome deals.

We live out in the country a little bit - so as a pre-winter thing I was checking our furnace tank and our propane (for the stove only). Amazingly since I got the Cookshack my major cooking is done mostly in the Cookshack and our propane tank is still at about 75% full.

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