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A little background.

I was looking for direct grilling space in an insulated pellet grill, but I wanted to stay with Cookshack, so I ordered a PG1000 from a dealer in Lawton.

That was on a Monday. Went to the casino on Friday, put $20 in a $5 machine and hit a jackpot. Went in Monday morning and called the dealer in Lawton to see if I could cancel the order for the PG1000 and order a CB036. I already have two FE100s so I didn't need smoking space. The order was changed.

When it was delivered, I found out that it had 160lbs of hickory pellets. I didn't know that it would have pellets included or I would have ordered mesquite (if there is a choice). The dealer didn't mention it and maybe that was because he didn't normally deal in commercial Cookshack products.

When the griller was delivered I had it set in my driveway. When I went to take it off the pallet, there was one side rail that was not connected to the pallet base that the griller sits on. That happened to be the backside of the griller, and the only thing to get a good purchase on is the wheel mounts. If the griller were reversed, the water/ash drawers could be removed and eased off the pallet from there.

My main question, if you can remember is, was this how your CB was delivered.

I love Cookshack, and want to provide some feedback on palleting, unless my experience was an exception.

Also, I read the instruction for seasoning the grates. With it still on the pallet, I oiled them and put them in the oven at 350 for an hour. If you don't have an exhaust fan, that's a bad idea. My three Pitts still haven't forgiven me. At least the fire department didn't show up.
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Well, it's been a number of years and I've killed a few billion brain cells since then so I don't remember.

If it's a concern, just call CS. They tend to do them the same way so if you need, call them and let them know.

Question. Is it going to be outside at all? It's not built for outside and water WILL get into the hopper and you'll have pelletcrete.

I have the 36" outside and learned the hard way. I even had a cover that was SUPPOSED to be waterproof... well it wasn't Frowner

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